Monday, August 17, 2009

While you were sleeping

Some of the best things in life come while we are sleeping. For instance: Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy. Sometimes tragedy strikes those who sleep. Many people lay their heads down at night expecting to awaken the next morning and they never do. They just die in their sleep. On April 26th, 1984, a troubled 16 year old boy from Jackson County, Oregon, entered his parent's bedroom and clubbed them to death with a baseball bat. On December 30th, 2008, five sleeping Palestinian sisters perished during and Israeli airstrike in Gaza.

Is tragedy striking our Republic while we sleep? In the last ten months we've endured three devestating strikes to our freedom and liberty and for all intents and purposes it does seem that we were asleep at the wheel when the train left the tracks.

Strike One: The Bailout Fiasco. Trillions of dollars unaccounted for. A manufactured panic to save the economy from certain destruction. We sold our souls to the company store. We sold the future of our children down the river. Sadly, it was done under the watch of a Republican president who should have known better but who was no more fiscally responsible than his Democratic counterparts.

Strike Two: Cap and Trade. A global warming tax will not only take more economic freedoms away from us, it will ensure that the American economy continue to be a consumer economy dependent on foreign production rather than an independent producer economy.

Strike Three: Obama's Health Care Reform. The government's bailout scheme has made it sole owner of 30% of the economy. Considering the U.S. Government couldn't run a lemonade stand efficiently, many of us are not comfortable giving Washington 30% of our economy. If the National Health Care Plan passes, the U.S. Government will control 48% of the economy. If you think we'll get any of that back I've got a snowmobile shop to sell you in Hawaii.

Maybe you didn't know that Americans are now required to buy only compact flourescent light bulbs. Your government made that decision for you through the Energy Independence and Security Act...while you were sleeping.

More government evasion...President Obama wants to expand the questions asked on the 2010 census form. Don't be caught sleeping...the U.S. Constitution requires that you only tell them how many people live in your household.

Wake up, America. Liberty, freedom and independence can slip away while you are sleeping.

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