Sunday, August 16, 2009

Where are all the men?

Why is it the church no longer seems to stir the masculine heart? Why is it that Jesus is portrayed as a meek, humble man wearing a robe. As a boy, did he ever throw a rock at the neighbor’s donkey? Did he ever compete with his friends? Did he ever pull a prank on his siblings? Did he ever refuse to eat his broccoli? How is it that we have devised such a passive image of the Son of God, who will return as a master warrior to conquer the earth!!

Are men turned away from the church because the church is so passive? We gather several times a week, sings lovely songs and talk about love. Aren’t most men drawn to risk and challenge? Most men don’t want to wear a robe and sing in a choir…but a lot of men would love to go to Hondurus and build a church or go to Mississippi with chain saws and clean up after a hurricane.

It’s hard for a man to fit in to the feminine mode of the church. Men don’t cry easily. Men don’t care to hold hands. It’s even a bit awkward to hear about falling deeply in love with another man (Jesus). The Jesus who loved a small child on his lap is also the Jesus who cleared the temple of the money changers. The Jesus who submitted to the scourge of the Roman soldiers is also the Jesus who caused the earth to quake when he rose from the dead. This is the Jesus who instructed his disciples to bring their swords with them. This is the Jesus who said of John the Baptist, perpetual camper in the wilderness, eater of grass hoppers and model for a style of clothing most wouldn’t be caught dead wearing, “Among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist”

I believe Christian men need to share a masculine Christ with masculine men. It should be our mission to do all we can to reverse the feminization of our male children by our perverted culture. Model a real man for your sons, no, not Spiderman, Jesus Christ. Teach your sons to reject passivity. Give them experiences and opportunities to develop courage. Teach them to be responsible protectors of the weaker ones that will huddle under their wings.

Where are all the men? Only 40% of the people going to church on any given Sunday are men. 70% of the boys will eventually leave the church. In Europe, women outnumber men 9 to 1 in the church. Women now outnumber men in Christian universities 2 to 1. The church needs men and men need the church. If we don’t do something quickly to reverse these trends, the church will succumb to its apathy.


  1. Madison MontgomeryAugust 17, 2009 at 4:04 PM

    Wow! I love this. I totally agree with you. I want a man that's not afraid to stand up for what he believes in, and I hope to find that kind of man someday! I hope men and young men will read this and learn from it. Very good article!

  2. I also agree with this. I believe that the church needs strong male leaders who aer not afraid to stand up for what God clearly says is right. I believe that it seems more "manly" to go along with what you kow and believe then to back down because something may seem too feminine or deep.

  3. Me too. This is actually what a couple of us wanted to do with HSR, speak to girls about God being our perfect heavenly father & protector and to the guys about how he is a warrior-one who will defeat armies of men and demons.
    I find it interesting how women really arn't supposed to be preachers, but I mean, there arn't a ton of men who seem to be stepping up. Eventually strong Christian women are going to have to take over :)