Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hillary's Anger

Hillary Clinton was participating in a town hall meeting in the city of Kinshasa, Congo on Monday, August 10th. A student asked her a viable question about what her husband thought about the Chinese trading with the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Claws extended from her hands and Hillary bared her teeth as she replied, “You want me to tell you what my husband thinks? My husband is not secretary of state, I am. If you want my opinion I will tell you my opinion. I am not going to be channeling my husband.” The young student had been scratched, bit and body slammed.
Why was Hillary so touchy about a good question? Her husband was president of the United States for eight years. Would he not be a very good source for information about trade, especially with China. He was very skilled at trading with China. Wasn’t he the president who traded away our satellite technology to the Chinese, enabling them to develop long range missile capabilities, in return for getting a little illegal financial help in his re-election bid?
As a loving wife, wouldn’t Hillary jump at the opportunity to brag a little about the husband she loves so dearly. Isn’t that what couples generally do. When they marry, they become one in body and spirit, what helps one helps the other. What hurts one hurts the other. So, why did Hillary react the way she did?
Was she angry that Bill’s trip to North Korea, to rescue two damsels in distress, of all things, upstaged her trip to the Congo. Is Hillary angry because Obama isn’t giving her the time of day? Why wasn’t she chosen for the rescue trip to North Korea? Instead, she finds herself swatting at mosquitoes in the god-forsaken jungle.
She is on a noble rescue trip. She is there to single-handedly end the fighting and sexual abuse that is rampantly prevalent in this African continent. Great reform is coming because she is holding a check for billions from the U.S. Treasury (taxpayers) and she has firmly and boldly told them to “stop it.”
No one is noticing because they're shining the spotlight on the man she determined years ago to stand by'


  1. I definately think that jealousy of her husband and his trip to North Korea had something to do with her irritated response. I don't think she understands the importance of her own trip and thinks that she got the "lesser" of trips.

  2. Mr. Probst-
    You bring up very good points. I believe that when you are married to someone you need to build them up simply because you love them more than yourself. I get that Mrs. Clinton doesn't do a great job of that, and isn't the best person in the world.
    However, is it a little severe to say things such as, "Claws extended from her hands and Hillary bared her teeth as she replied...The young student had been scratched, bit and body slammed."?? I understand it is all in jest, but I think we could be a little more understanding. She is Mrs. Bill Clinton for goodness sake. We'd probably sound a little bitter as well. Think of all of the nonsence that woman has put up with! I am not disagreeing with you, simply saying a little compassion wouldn't hurt.