Monday, August 31, 2009

Say it ain't so, Rick

Say it ain’t so, Rick!!

I lived in Kentucky for seven years so I understand what it means to “bleed blue” . I was, and still am, a devout Kentucky Wildcat Fan. I have been since the Joe Hall days. I reveled in the success of Rick Pitino and admired him as a coach.

Then the news began to come like sand through a sieve. An affair. Adultey.. Unfaithful to his wife and family. Say it ain’t so, Rick, say it ain’t so.

Did Rick Pitino make a mistake? Yes indeed. Haven’t we all? My disappointment is not so much that he made a poor decision and created a tragedy for his family. I’m disappointed the path he chose after he’d made his mistake.

An intoxicated Rick Pitino impregnated a woman in 2003 on a restaurant floor! Intoxication doesn’t lend itself to good judgment. It’s what happened afterward while sober that is most troublesome.

Two weeks after the indiscretion the woman announced to Rick that she was pregnant. Pitino gave her $3,000 and she set out to abort the unborn child. Every coach prides himself in giving his players an equal opportunity to prove themselves and earn the right to play. But Rick never gave this child an opportunity. The child never received a name. The child was deprived of the life experiences he/she deserved. Rick Pitino could have swallowed his pride and become the loving father his child deserved. Instead, it was all about Rick. He was willing to sacrifice a life to save his career. He allowed the death of an innocent to secure his future. Rick behaved in a very cowardly fashion by hiding the truth from his fans, his family and himself for six full years.

It’s not so shameful to make a mistake. We’ve all sinned and come short of the glory of God. But it’s an abominable thing to sacrifice the life of an innocent infant to try to save one’s self. It takes a real man to confront the truth and accept consequences for his actions.

As a role model to so many youth who have no qualms about impregnating females and then refusing the responsibility of fatherhood, Rick Pitino has failed miserably. He had an opportunity to lead by example but instead he sent a message to young men that it is acceptable to end another soul’s existence in order to escape the consequences for your own poor behavior.

Say it ain’t so, Rick. Surely you didn’t finance the murder of another human being because it was too inconvenient for your career. Say it ain’t so!

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