Saturday, August 29, 2009

He Was Who He Was

He Was Who He Was … Edward Kennedy

I find it so interesting that many of my High School apologetics students come into the class at the beginning of the year with the false conception that when humans die and go to heaven they become angels. I have been so taken back in the last couple months as I have witnessed the reaction of the masses to the deaths of Michael Jackson and Edward Kennedy. As if they were immediately transformed from human to angel at death. To add to the mystery there seems to be a collective amnesia that affects the majority regarding these two American icons.
Ted Kennedy, may he rest in peace, was a fascist leaning liberal who had no qualms about supporting a constitutional interpretation that legalized the mass murder of 40 million unborn babies in the last three decades in America. The crowd he ran with included extreme leftists like LBJ, Bill and Hillary and Barak Hussein Obama. I'm old enough to remember a drunken senator fleeing the scene at the bridge in Chappaquiddick, Massachusetts where his young female date was left to die in the murky waters. This is no hero, this is a coward!

Perhaps Ted Kennedy had good motives. He was a champion of the poor. He was a fighter for the underdog. But his policies are so clearly socialist in that he supported every effort to redistribute wealth. He didn't hesitate to take the hard earned money of the diligent and give it to many who were undeserving, all in the name of satisfying his constituents and assuring his reelection. He was also led the battle to legalize gay marriage and promote the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender society which enraged the Pope of the Catholic Church, not to mention God himself who clearly teaches that such activity is an abominable sin.

President Obama delivered a personal letter from Edward Kennedy to Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican on July 10th of this year. Whoever released the contents of that letter will become a very, very rich man. Was he asking for forgiveness? Was there some last minute repentance going on? If so, Ted may very well be standing before a merciful and gracious God this very moment.

We are so quick to "exchange the truth for a lie." The truth is that Ted Kennedy stood up for the things that God stands against. Let us not make Ted out to be something that he was not. He was who he was.

I was surprised today when I learned that he was to be buried in Arlington Cemetery alongside brave and great men who fought valiantly and made the ultimate sacrifice for a country they believed in. Most of the policies Ted fought for are not building up our country, they are tearing it down. I didn't know he served in the military until I looked it up. He did serve a two year assignment as a guard at the Headquarters of the Allied Powers in France. A cush assignment secured by his manipulative father to keep him out of the Korean War in 1950.

I know I'll get a lot of negative reaction for this post. I don't despise Ted Kennedy. I actually feel sympathy for a family that has been so cursed and suffered so much. But, they are a family who father, Joseph, supported Adolph Hitler, whose brothers, JF and RF wiretapped MLK. They are a family accused of the murder of Marilyn Monroe. No, I'm not one of those right wing, fundamentalist wreaking with hatred for anything or anybody on the left. I'm just a seeker and defender of truth!!

Ellis Washington, of WND, posted this poem after expressing his disgust that Kennedy would be buried among the true defenders of America:

"Such desecration of hallowed ground.

A weed beside the rose.

Assured, not he with them would die,

Yet, worthy, thought he, with them to lie,

A coward beside heroes."

This sounds a little harsh but it sure makes one think.

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