Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Way He Looks At Us

The Way He Looks At Us
Peter stood in the court by the fire warming his hands. He had vehemently denied that he was a follower of the Christ. As he cursed an oath of denial a second time he heard the rooster crow and he was reminded of the words of warning Jesus had given to him earlier. Peter's continuous problem was his overconfidence and cockiness. He was the one who would walk on water. He was the one to draw his sword and swing at the Roman soldier. Now, the #1 disciple was the #1 failure.

Jesus was also in that courtyard. He was bound. His face was red and bruised having been struck by his hateful captors. He had been accused falsely and was about to stand before a judge and have his fate determined. A man in his position does surely have a right to be focused on his dilemma. He has a right to allow his mind to formulate a proper defense. But the focus on Jesus was on his wounded disciple. "The Lord turned and looked straight at Peter." - Luke 22:61

I remember a stern father growing up. My father could never have been accused of 'sparing the rod'. Yet, as much as I feared the rod I'd much rather have received a 'whippin' than to sit down and talk about it. It was altogether too painful to look at him and know I was the wayward son causing the disappointment in his eyes.

I'm sure Peter felt the same. Would he have not rather heard the Savior lash out at him with harsh words? Would he not have rather seen the cold shoulder of a Savior walking away? Instead, he looked directly into the eyes of a Savior who loved him unconditionally. What a wonder!! The great Creator of all things beautiful and awesome, whose eyes have beheld beauty we could never possibly imagine, chose to bypass the most glorious sights of the universe to cast his eyes on a wretched, miserable soul floundering about in a sewer of sinful muck. These are the eyes of the Savior who cried out to his own people, "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing.” - Matt. 23:37

Jesus could have reached out his hand to Peter but this would have exposed Peter for the liar he was. He could have spoken words to Peter but this would have embarrassed Peter and caused the crowd to assail the Savior. Instead, in all his wisdom, he just looked. Volumes could not have contained the message in his look!Did it affect Peter? Indeed it did, “And Peter went out, and wept bitterly.” - Luke 22:62

Men hear sermons and forget what they have heard before they sit down at their next meal. They read books and forget its message before delving into another. But no man ever forgets the look of Jesus. His look can transform a life. His look can change the direction of a life. His look can take one off the road to eternal death and put him on the road to eternal life!

I've seen him looking at me. When I was a rebel, lost in my disobedience he looked on me with eyes of compassion. He wanted to forgive me. He wanted to take me back under his wing. He wanted me to come back into the fold. I've never seen a look of such love. His look transformed me.

If you are a Christ follower today, you too have seen his look.


  1. Wow, I love this. I had never actually realized that Christ was in the area when Peter denied him. How horrible he must have felt!
    "He wanted to forgive me." These are very powerful words. Amazing really. The God of the universe, who created all things-including me, knows all things-including all my thoughts, actions, and mistakes, this same God, loves me. And wants me to come to him. Amazing, Mr. Probst.

    Thanks for sharing this message.

  2. Wow, Mr. Probst. This is definately one of my favorites. It is just unbelievable that the God of everything, the God that created everything and the God that has the power to do anything he wants with me can look on me with compassion when i deisobey him. When i wander and go astray he is with me, when I feel alone, he is there! He is waiting for me to accept forgiveness. He WANTS me. I can't believe that some people know this, but still don't truly want him. Even me sometimes. This really made me think! Thanks so much!