Saturday, August 1, 2009

Big Brother's Brave New World

Big Brother's Brave New World

Most of the members of Congress haven't even read the 1,000 plus healthcare plan proposed by Obama and his minions. The frightening thing is that most American's are detached from what is being boondoggled through Congess. For those of you who are interested in some of the more disconcerting parts of the bill, consider this:

Section 163 = Big Brother will be allowed to have access to an individual's personal finances through direct access to your bank account for electronic funds transfers.Section 1308 = Big Brother wil dictate marriage and family therapy.

Section 1401 = Big Brother will get even bigger by creating another agency called the Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research. This agency will determine if one qualifies for treatment. To qualify the treatment has to be 'comparatively affective'. Eligibility for treatment will be determined by the cost of the treatment, the likely success of recovery and the number of quality years one has left.This bill will cover abortions, suggest how many children a family can have, suggest the amount of time passed before having another child and it will also cover transexual surgeries. And we thought China's 'one child' policy was repressive?!?

Obama's choice for 'Science Zsar' is John Holden. He is way out there. Holdren has left a long paper trail indicating his radical ideas. Among them...he suggests forced abortion and compulsory sterilization to achieve population control. This could be achieved by implanting sterility capsules in teen-age girls and tainting the water supply with additives that cause sterility. Holden believes that laws requiring forced abortion would be sustained by the U.S. Constitution as it is written. If you happen to be 65 or older you will be required to undergo mandatory 'end of life' counseling. In less than two years a huge number of baby-boomers will be drawing on the nation's social security fund. To lessen the huge impact this will have, older people will be counseled to do their patriotic duty to contribute to the economic health of their posterity by boldly and bravely going on to the next world. If you fail to cooperate your assets could be confiscated in the name of fiscal necessity for the good of the country.

Section 440 = Big Brother will provide a Home Visitation Program for familes with children or those expecting children. Just what we need, some government bureaucrat sitting on our sofa advising us not to spank our children.

On page 425 of this bill Congress will require a counseling session every five years for people on Medicare. I'm sure they are going to advise them how to end their lives sooner. This is the result of a nation who has taken God out of the schools, out of the courts, even out of some of our churches. Sanctity of life has no meaning to these people. They feel justified in what they are doing because it fits their philosophy of survival of the fittest. Darwin sure has messed us up!!The entirety of this bill can be found on the web. Its contents are shocking to say the least. God help us if it is passed.

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  1. Oh my. It is scary what is going on right under our noses. I am wondering, is this information truly reliable? If so, I am terrified. The very thought of people tainting my water in order to controll my ability to have children is terrible! How could that even be suggested in "the home of the free." Crazy stuff Mr. Probst.
    I also couldn't believe the Home Visitation Program. This is insane. Before I said we were heading towards Communism. Now I believe it.
    I completely agree. This is what happens to a country with out God. As seen in scripture, when we tell God we don't need/want him he butts out-leaving us to our sinful nature.
    "For lack of guidance a nation falls..." Proverbs 11:14