Monday, August 10, 2009

What Happened to my Country?

What Happened to my Country?
I don’t remember who said it but it seems relevant in today’s culture: “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean your wrong.” As I observe the demise of western civilization I feel I’m in a surreal world. We have run far off course from the intent of our founding fathers. They intended government to be lean, limited and subservient to its population. If government became too intrusive one could always pack up the family and head to the frontier. There is no longer any frontier. We must stick it out where we are. If you’ve had thoughts of moving to Canada or Australia, prepare for more of the same. There is no where to run.

Our government is now like a giant leviathan, a behemoth, like a dinosaur grubbing up tons of foliage in an ancient world. Its appetite for power is voracious. All reason has been put aside. The lust for power has ushered in policies that are illogical and detrimental to society. Their eyes are blinded by their own derision. They wallow in the muddy waters of delusional self-importance. They now run our auto-industry. They want to run our health care. They’ve failed so miserably in their attempt to run our educational institutions that the U.S. is falling behind countries like Saudi Arabia and Vietnam in our ability to educate our youth. Homeschooling is mushrooming in protest of the dumbing down of America’s youth.

I admit it, I feel paranoid. But I know a cure. If the government would stop trying to take my cabinet full of guns, if they would stop reaching in my pocket for every spare coin I have, if they would actually read the bills they pass in Congress. I wouldn’t feel so paranoid if they would stop accusing me of being a terrorist because I think immigrants should enter this country legally. Nor would I be so paranoid if they would stop accusing me of being a homophobe because I believe the Bible speaks the truth when it says God hates all sin, including homosexuality.

My sense of paranoia may be cured if they would stop using derogatory terms like “tea bagger” and “mob member” to describe me when I join a public protest. I’m dubbed a woman-hater if I voice my opposition to abortion. I feel like a bale of hay full of target arrows. Why is it that politically correct speech only seems to go in one direction?

Am I paranoid? If I were not I wouldn’t have this feeling like writing these things and publishing them on the internet puts me on a government list somewhere. Is it time to grab our pitchforks and man the hay wagons yet?

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