Thursday, August 13, 2009

They just might self-destruct

Lee Atwater was a skilled political street fighter. His candle was brilliant but it burned out early. He died of a brain tumor at the age of 40. He was a proven Republican strategist for Bush senior. He used the term "Napoleonic Maxim" to refer to the idea that one should never interfere with the enemy when he's in the process of destoying himself. I wonder what Lee Atwater would advise Republicans in regard to the Obama health care plan. If the Republicans would stop raising such a stink Obama may be cutting his own throat for his reelection chances in 1012. If Republicans would just let the train rush on down the tracks would the Democratic Congress not wreck before the election of 2012? Would retaking the Congress be a cinch for Republicans after the Democratic White House and Congress ramrodded their plan down the throats of unwilling Americans?

The impetus that caused the American people to elect the Gingrich congress of 1994 was Hillary Healthcare fiasco presented in 1993-1994. Bill Clinton won relection but he had to lean very heavily to the right in order to get it done.

The Democratic Party is governed by its radical left leadership. But America has a moderately right of center population. If Obama gets elected to a second term, be afraid, be very afraid. Bill Clinton was his true left leaning self during his 2nd term evidenced by the passing of such laws as the Partial-Birth Abortion Law and Supreme Court Appointments that tipped the political balance very, very leftward.

Republicans opposition of Obama's healthcare bill may be paving his way toward a second term!

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