Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lack of Compassion?

This picture is troubling
Sargent James Crowly, Henry Louis Gates and Barack Obama have just finished their 'beer summit' at the white house. Barack sits down with two adversaries, they down a couple of beers and all is well in Cambridge. So easy. I'm sure this summit will go down in history as one of Obama's greatest achievements. I expect peace in the Middle East is just around the corner...Ahmadinejad, Netanyahu, Obama and a few beers...finally, peace on earth. Obama's legacy will be his beer diplomacy.
The picture is troubling because Obama is rushing ahead to declare his beer summit a smashing success to press members while Sargent Crowley, the accused racist, is assisting Henry Gates as he gingerly makes his way down the stairs. You would think that compassion would trump politics here but it appears Obama is much more interested in self-promotion than demonstrating compassion. Maybe we are being unfair. I don't know Obama personally so he may be a very, very compassionate man. But, in politics, appearances are everything. I'm surprised this picture was released.

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