Thursday, September 17, 2009

What Obama should say...

What Obama should say…..
I have never seen my country so polarized as I see it today. The great rift that separates the Democrats and Republicans, the liberals and conservatives is only exacerbated by charges and counter charges of racism, communism and anti-Americanism. Barack Obama ran his campaign as the great unifier. He seemed so confident he could bring us together. Yet, he now seems to being saying and doing very little to actually keep that all important promise. Last week Obama tried to lift his approval ratings by addressing our youth. At great risk of appearing arrogant I propose that he could raise his approval ratings much more by giving a speech that would contain words similar to these:
“I am here today to address the great citizens of America. We live in the greatest country in the world. We have proven ourselves over and over in times of extreme adversity. We came together to revolt against the British in our infancy. We survived a brutal Civil War that would have completely meant annihilation to most countries. We were victors in WWI and WWII. We sacrificed many lives to preserve the freedom we now enjoy. We unified during the Great Depression. We wept together when our presidents were assassinated. We bonded when the terrorists attacked the Twin Towers. We proved ourselves a loving and compassionate people when the Tsunami hit Indonesia and when Katrina devastated New Orleans.
We have always successfully resisted the forces that have attempted to divide us and tear us asunder. I take no pleasure in admitting to you today that we are still struggling with the powers that would polarize us. Civil disagreement should be a part of every civilized government. It is acceptable, it is reasonable and it is beneficial. But when the discourse turns ugly it is not becoming of who we are as proud citizens of America.
Many of our ancestors died to preserve freedom for all Americans. As some families were just starting out on the road to freedom other families were burying sons willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. Those brave men died to purchase freedom but they also died to destroy hatred. My heart is saddened and deeply troubled when we trample their sacrifice by hurtling racist remarks at each other. It is time we realize that racism is a pain none should endure and its time we understand that an accusation of racism against the innocent is every bit as harmful.
I loved my father and I loved my mother. I am a member of both races. I am uniquely qualified to bring understanding and unity to a country divided too long along racial lines. To those who oppose me, I respect your opinions and hold no animosity toward you. To those very few who harbor racist attitudes toward me and those who look like me, please know that I am unaffected by your hatred. My skin is thick, I won’t play the victim and I refuse to ride on any wave of sympathy your racism creates for me.
Let us continue in our disagreement about health care. Let us continue to be loyal to the party of our choice. Let us carefully and respectfully dissect our offerings until we can hammer out policies we can all live with. Let me respectfully request from both parties that you put your race cards away. In fact, let us pull them from the deck and set a flame to them. We are better than that, far better than that. Let us not fuel the issues that divide us but let us work together to resolve the issues that define us as the greatest people to ever form a nation.
Thank you and may God bless you and may God bless our great nation.”
Racism will never be resolved by writing another law or appointing another Supreme Court justice. It is not a government problem, it is a heart problem and we who are Christians recognize it as a problem for which only the grace of God is a solution.

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  1. I agree fully that Obama should address this issue. It would, in my opinion, give him better ratings and, even more so, more integrity and character.