Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Twenty Random Questions for Barack Obama.

Some Random Questions for Barak Obama…

1. Why did you change your name from Barry Soetero to Barack Hussein Obama?

2. Your failure to release your birth certificate has stirred so much speculation. If you have a legitimate certificate, why not release it and put to rest all the fuss about it?

3. What are you trying to hide? Is the man you claim to be your father your actual father?

4. Just exactly what did you mean when you said on October 31, 2008 that “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America”?

5. How do you feel about the beheading of Danny Pearl? Would you express how you felt when the terrorists hit the twin towers? I’ve never heard you express any outrage!

6. Why have you appointed so many ‘Muslim friendly’ czars?

7. Why is your administration filled with countless communist sympathizers?

8. Why do you feel little or no passion about honoring the remains of the first American to be killed in Iraq in defense of freedom but you seem to be very, very passionate about protecting terrorists by prosecuting ‘so called’ torturers at Guantanamo Bay?

9. How do you propose to keep America safe if the penalty for terrorist attacks is a red carpet leading to a cell with all the comforts of life provided?

10. The great uprising of opposition to “green jobs czar” Van Jones created a grand opportunity for you to boost your falling approval ratings by firing him. Instead, he just walked away. Did you not fire him because you didn’t want to be wrongly associated with those who oppose his communist beliefs?

11. Are you aware the John Holdren, your science czar, wants the power to make some abortions compulsory and believes that adding infertility drugs to the nation’s drinking water might be a good idea!?

12. Are you aware that Czar Carol Browner is jeopardizing American sovereignty by promoting the idea of a “global community” to oversee the environment?

13. Are you aware that you appointed a Czar that believes that animals should have the right to sue people? That would be your regulatory Czar, Cass Sunstein.

14. Do you remember addressing Planned Parenthood on July 17, 2007? You said, “In my mind, reproductive care is essential care. It is basic care.” Are these code words for abortion? Are you willing to admit that American taxpayers will actually foot the bill for your abortion program?

15. You tried, but failed to get the Kennedy Memorial Health Care bill passed before Congress recessed. Why was it so important to get it passed so quickly when the program wouldn’t take effect until 2013? Seems we have plenty of time to debate this.

Might we suggest some honest answers: “I was in a hurry to get it passed before Congress actually had a chance to read it and find out what it contained.”

“I was in a hurry to pass it before the American people found out what was in it. I just knew they would pull these tea party and town meeting stunts on me.”

“I wanted to delay the actual action of the bill until 2013 because I wanted to get reelected in 2012 before the American people actually started to experience the consequences of the bill.”

16. You frightened the American public and their weak representatives in congress by declaring that if they didn’t pass the stimulus bill immediately the sky would fall and we would all perish within days. You got what you wanted but then the bill sat on your desk for three days awaiting your return from vacation. What was the hurry? Why hasn’t that money been pumped into the economy to save us? Many speculate that it will be another year before even ¾ of that money is spent. Are you planning on going on a spending spree with our money right before mid-term elections?

17. In regard to the previous question…were you afraid that the economy might actually start recovering on its own and so it was necessary to create panic so as not to “let a crises go to waste”?

18. Are you not alarmed by the tremendous distrust expressed by American parents when they resisted your endeavor to speak to their children? They are afraid of you, sir. They are afraid of the influence you might have on their children? Can that many people be wrong about you? Are their fears justified?

19. You’ve pledged to withdraw our troops from Iraq. That’s one pledge I believe you will keep. The rise in violence in Iraq seems to correlate with our gradual troop withdrawal. If Iraq descends into social chaos or even civil war will you man-up and take responsibility for that?

20. My last question is very personal and satisfies my own curiosity. Could you be more specific about your Christianity and do you consider yourself a Christ-follower?


  1. I have been asking the same questions. Why is it so important to hide your identity, is there something we need to know? what's the hurry on the Stimulus bill, i guess he's saving for a new car, you know how the economy is today you have to plan ahead!

    Justin Moss

  2. I agree with all of these questions. I really want to see how Obama would respond when asked these. Like we talked in class , I think #20 is the best one to ask him.

  3. i love all of these questions and i feel that if they were honestly answered America may see a different man then they think Obama is.
    i also think that number 20 is the most important.

  4. It seems like Obama doesn't really care about what has happened to America in the past. Dogs sueing people... what's wrong with some people in america?! I would like to hear Obama answer all 20 questions.