Thursday, September 10, 2009

I pledge to be a servant to Obama!!

I did not think Obama's speech to school children on Sept. 8 was an attempt to indoctrinate our school children. But the suggested assignments in the supplemental curriculum did seem to lean in that direction. I don't have a problem with Obama telling our kids to work hard and stay in school. I would want any president to say that. But they were going to ask our school children to write a paper explaining how they could support and help our Community Organizer in Chief. That smacks a bit toward indoctrination. The attached video was shown to some school children in Utah. Asking our children to pledge themselves to this liberal agenda is definitely out of bounds!


  1. Same here. I didn't think it was manulipative plan, but just a word saying "stay in school" pretty much. I wouldn't of even minded watching it at our school even though we are a Christian School, I didn't think it would do any harm but just give us simple instructions.

    Alana Roper

  2. I think that the speech Obama gave was not a indoctrinal speech. However, the video attached to the blog was very disturbing. There were some good things that were pledged, but there were also some ethically wrong ones. The fact that this video was shown to kids is a scary thought. Using famous people to make a video that could have a VERY POWERFUL influence is very dangerous.