Saturday, September 26, 2009

Last Line of Defense Against Islamization

Last Line of Defense Against Islamization

The airways are full of talk about Islamic nations acquiring nuclear weapons. We have heard threatening diatribes from the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Muammar Gaddafi. Another facility for manufacturing nuclear material has been discovered in Iran. Anxiety between nations has risen as threats are mixed with teases for negotiation. Is it all really a distraction? Is Iran really a nuclear threat to anyone?

While we fuss about who gets to be the next member of the nuclear club the Islamic peoples are quietly invading Europe. A study at San Diego University recently projected that the Muslim population in Europe would reach 25% within 12 years. France seems to be an especially favorite destination to Muslims where the history of Hitler’s killing of the Jews can no longer be taught in their schools because of the sensitivity of the Islamic peoples who live there. School teachers in The Netherlands no longer mention a farm because every farm has a ‘pig’.

While Christian churches in Europe are emptying at alarming rates, thousands of Muslim mosques are rising up throughout the continent. Muslim fanatics control the Islamic ghettos where their women walk three paces behind the men and Western women are taunted as “whores”. Millions of Muslims who are invading Europe have no desire to assimilate. Most of them feel a stronger loyalty to Islam than they do toward the country in which they live. Clearly, the strategy is to overtake the western world by sheer numbers. The strategy for overpopulating is to immigrate by the millions and procreate large families. Meanwhile, Europeans, especially Jews, are migrating away from the prevalently anti-semitic areas and their families remain small as a result of birth control and abortion.

These Islamic peoples claim to come in the name of peace but their founder, Mohammed, was anything but a man of peace. He was a warrior, a murderer and a despot. Islamic religion is a set of rules forced on a society by a theocratic government. If you refuse to convert to their way of life your deserved destiny is death. The reward for your death is heaven along with 72 virgins. Their government is much closer to communism than it is to the democratic governments under which many of them choose to live.

It is most troubling that these people are in love with our president. Qaddafi declared his loyalty to Obama at the United Nations saying he wished he could be president forever and referred to him as a son, a son of Islam, I presume. My father told me growing up that a man is known by his friends and the company he keeps. Why is Obama so friendly with Chavez, Castro, Qaddafi and other self-proclaimed haters of America?

This Islamic worldview hates the western world. Israel has been on the frontlines of that war for decades now. Europe has silently fallen to the Islamic masses who are moving in to overwhelm their populations. America is the last defense against this Islamic onslaught on western civilization. The decisions we make in regard to the assault on our own country during the next few years will set the stage for a final showdown. Try to imagine the America’s task of preserving western civilization after Europe has gone Muslim and Israel has been defeated. We have had very little terrorist activity within our borders because Israel has been there to take the brunt of it.

Mr. Obama, members of Congress and the peoples of America…don’t abandon Israel. If we do we’ll be the last man standing.

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