Tuesday, September 22, 2009

America….You Are Not Racist!!

America….You Are Not Racist!!

We dehumanized millions because of it. We fought a brutal war to resolve it. 600,000 lost their lives to purge it. America's greatest sin was slavery. Slavery is the ultimate expression of racism. Our national government opposed it and some southern state governments supported it. The anti-slavery proponents in the Federal government won the war against slavery and power centralized and shifted to Washington, D.C. It has been growing out of control ever since.

Racism wasn't eliminated when the slaves were set free. Our nation continued to discriminate until Martin Luther King and others fought for civil rights in the 1960's. Laws were written and rights were granted and most of America embraced Martin Luther's King's dream of a color blind society. Slavery has been eliminated. Discrimination has been addressed. What remains is guilt, an overwhelming amount of guilt. Some would even argue that Obama was elected, not in spite of his race, but because of it.

Manipulative and crafty individuals have learned to use our guilt complex to perfection. The most feared of all the guilt inducing accusations today is to be called a "racist". The racist accusation is like the magic key that will unlock any door. Massive organizations and powerful individuals have been brought to their knees under a false accusation of racism. All of our congressmen tread in fear daily of a career ending racist accusation accept Mr. Byrd from West Virginia. He was actually a grand wizard in the KKK and unlike his colleagues, he was immune to the career ending blunder of using the 'n' word by the liberal shield that protected him. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FIBJt-c2o0)

Our national guilt over slavery and segregation runs so deeply in the veins of conservative Americans that it becomes an extremely affective tool in the hands of their political opponents. I witnessed this national guilt in another venue when I visited eastern Germany many years ago. The people I met there believed they would never earn a place at the international table because of their sin against the Jews. That stigma runs very deep and Nancy Pelosi tried to capitalize on it by referring to the town hall attendees as "swastika-carrying angry mobs" out to "destroy Obama".

The assumption by the master manipulators of intimidation is that there is no forgiveness and guilt is everlasting. As a father I can't answer for the sins of my offspring nor am I responsible for the sins of my forefathers. I am responsible for my own behavior only. "A son is not to suffer because of his father's sins, nor a father because of the sins of his son." (Ezekiel 18) My question for those who would accuse our country of perpetual racism is: upon whose moral code do you base your accusation? If your standard for racism is the Holy Bible then must not we embrace the whole truth of the Bible. Racism is a forgivable sin. When it is repented of, expunged and eradicated we are no longer accountable. If the accusation is not based on Biblical truth, then on what basis does anyone have the moral authority to call another a racist? This accusation is so lethal it utterly destroys the lives and families of the accused and yet it is used freely, carelessly and spontaneously with no regrets or repercussions.

I am not suggesting that all racism has been eliminated from our society. Of course it has not. But I am firmly declaring that the United States is NOT a racist country. We just elected a black president. Those who oppose the far-left, socialist agenda must be free to complete their mission. If they are bound by the fear of being accused of racism then they have been rendered ineffective by their opponents underhanded manipulation of their own guilt.

America, you are not racist. Conservative America has little hope of winning this contest if they fail to disarm their enemy of their most effective weapon.

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  1. You're very correct. This also goes back to an earlier blog post you had about Obama getting rid of the racist card. It needs to be done. I think if we were rid of that card, a lot of guilt would go away.