Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Choose you this day whom you will serve" - Government or God

"Choose you this day whom you will serve" - Government or God??

Does it not seem like our federal government has declared a war on God? They've taken the ten commandments out of our court houses? They've taken the Bible out of our classrooms. We teach our children to say grace at the dinner table but there are dire consequences should they say grace before consuming a meal in a public school!

When our government was established it was as if our founding fathers thought themselves to be partners with God in this great experiment for religious freedom. But now, it seems our government officials are anything but friends of God. It is as if God is a great competition to them for the hearts and minds of the American people.

Obama's team seems to be especially sensitive about the ‘God’ factor. This administration has a lust for power that excels any previous administration. In the last six months General Motors has been transformed into Government Motors. Insurance companies have been targeted. Banks have been hypnotized into submission by offers of vast sums of money.

God cleary directs us to have “no other gods” before Him. But Americans by the millions have put their trust in big government instead of God. He offers to carry our burdens for us. He asks us to cast our cares upon him and depend on him during the difficult times. Instead, we have sold our soul to the company store. The government has become our protector and provider. When the government takes the place of God in one’s life there are dire consequences that follow.

iPersonal independence used to be a virtue in this country. From the days of our founding fathers we embraced a “no work, no eat” policy. We recognized our first experiment with socialism was a complete failure when sloth nearly destroyed the colony of Jamestown. Everyone felt entitled to more than their share from the colony storehouse whether they contributed or not.

America is infected with a sense of entitlement. For some strange reason we feel we are all entitled to “40 acres and a mule.” This sense of entitlement makes people feel like they don’t need to work for anything. Many actually feel like work is some sort of punishment rather than a privilege. We sit on a social time bomb because the masses are so convinced they are entitled to monthly gifts from the government that, were those gifts to cease, the result would be an uncontainable anger. Our big cities would experience rioting that would make the ‘60’s look like child's play. So, the government must keep the checks coming no matter what!!

Those who feel they are entitled feel no gratitude toward a government idol that takes care of them. There is no love in that relationship, only contempt.

We offend God when we ignore his offer to care for us. He invites us to run to Him in our times of distress. He instituted the family to take care of each other and especially the elderly. Instead we look to our idol for those things. God’s purpose for government was to establish a system of law and justice that would enable us to live in peace and safety. When we need grace and compassion look to the Savior rather than to the government.


  1. I strongly agree with you when you say, "He invites us to run to Him in our times of distress", but it seems thats the opposite of what America is doing. We are running to something that will fail us in the end.Very good article! I also love the Thomas Jefferson quote!

  2. i would definitely say that America is not doing well in the "no other gods" area. we dont look to God as we should in our times of distress. Americans have a bad habit of going to government figures, celebrities, and other people who will eventually fail us.

  3. I agree with you Mr. Probst. The government is slowly pushing God from everywhere. I'm surprised it still says "In God We Trust" on our money. Should they not also take out evolution because it is part of a scientists religion? The administration of America was supposed to bring change and hope but right now it is deeply faltering. We are also to blame as the people, maybe not you and me, but the some of the other people of America. This contamination of entitlement as you put it is sickining. If any of these people would go to third world countries and see how worse of they were they would feel alot more content instead of trying to sue people every chance they get to receive quick money or waiting for a welfare check. While our country isn't perfect I think if we would just direct our problems towards God and let him carry our burdens, America would be in better shape.