Monday, September 14, 2009

What I've Learned From Obama

What I’ve learned from Obama…

I was so amazed recently when Americans were so vehemently opposed to their president speaking to their children in school. His speech was pretty harmless, in fact, I found it to actually be motivating. So, what caused such widespread panic. I thought back through all the presidents we’ve had in my lifetime and I couldn’t think of one that would cause a similar reaction among the American people.

So, what were Americans fearful of? What did they think Obama would teach their children? I reviewed the last year and asked myself, “Just what have I learned from Obama in during last 12 months?”

I learned that Obama thinks less of Israel and more of the Palestinians. He has pretty much shunned Israel. They don’t seem to know where they stand with this administration. Recent polls show the majority of Israelis don’t feel confident about Israel’s relationship with the U.S. I learned that Obama thinks more of Cuba and less of Columbia. I have been recently criticized for considering Obama a socialist but I have observed along with millions of other Americans how cozy he is with Castro, Chavez and Ortega. Among the most shocking things he did when he took over the White House was send a bust of Winston Churchill, that had been presented as a gift to the previous administration, back to the British. So, he shuns our staunchest ally, Britain, while showing great deference to Putin’s Russia.

I learned that Obama, like his wife Michele, lives in a country he has little respect for evidenced by his great apology tour. America isn’t perfect by any means but we certainly don’t want our leader magnifying our sins to our enemies while emphasizing the ‘great’ accomplishments and contributions of the Islamic nations. Most American’s would square America’s ingenuity and genius with that of any country or previous civilization.

I learned that Obama’s African-American roots and his early training in Islamic schools seems to be extremely important to him. But in all the speeches I’ve heard him deliver I’ve never heard him brag on the exceptional accomplishments of America.

I learned that Obama’s portrayal of himself as a fiscal conservative during his campaign was all a sham. He blasted Bush for out-of-control deficits and then proceeded to add nearly $11 trillion to our enormous debt. How could someone vow to reduce or eliminate our debt and propose an enormous health care plan that is so completely unaffordable?

I learned that for all of Obama’s promises about developing independence from foreign oil by using our own resources (offshore drilling) while we searched for new energy sources was also a sham. After Obama took office he appointed an environmental czar (Van Jones) who strongly criticized America’s agriculture, America’s economy, America’s energy producers and just about anything else American. The press gave this man a pass when he used foul language to describe Republicans in Congress and called our former president a crack head. But no pass for Joe Wilson who may have actually told the truth when he declared before a joint session of Congress that Obama was not telling the truth.

I learned that all the talk of unifying and bringing Americans together was just “sounding brass and tinkling symbol.” He quickly chose sides in the Cambridge Controversy and tried to bury his blunder by sharing a beer. Obama has taught me that racism is alive and well in our country. I believe that Obama does face some opposition simply because of his color. But I also see blatant racism in his pastor and mentor, “God _________ America” Jeremiah Wright, “downright mean country” Michele and “Bush is a crack head” Van Jones. It saddens me to see such hatred and vitriol on both sides of the issue. But one thing for certain, Obama is no unifier.

I learned from Obama that the Constitution is faulty and needs to be rewritten. I learned that this nation’s doctors care little or none at all about the welfare of their patients, they only care about making another buck. I also learned they get paid as much as $50,000 for amputating the gangrenous limbs of our nation’s diabetics.

So, after reviewing all I’ve learned from Obama, I asked myself that question again: “Why were Americans so fearful when he addressed our children?” And the answer was obvious.

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