Thursday, February 5, 2009

The biased, blathering media heads have made some pretty ridiculous accusations against you, 'W'. They say you're stupid, one of the worst five presidents ever, etc. But, the history books will record the facts and your going to do pretty well. So, before you start cutting down those cotton woods, would you accept thanks.-- Thanks for 7 years without a terrorist attack-- Thanks for quick action following 9/ locked down borders, eavesdropped on terrorists and took the war to them...there are probably thousands alive today that otherwise wouldn't be because you took these actions.-- Thanks for doing business in Iraq. You thought you would find an evil, oppresive dictator, his rapist sons (Where were you, NOW), mass graves, torture chambers. Sure enough, you found all of these. If you didn't find WMD, don't feel too alone in your assessment: Russian, Chinese, British and Israeli intelligence reported WMD in Iraq. The surge was a smashing success. Iraq's GNP is 30% higher since we invaded.-- Thanks for neutralizing Libya (did this even make the evening news?)-- Thanks for fighting AIDS and malaria in Africa-- Thanks for rescuing abused women in Afghanistan from the Taliban (where were you, NOW?)-- Thanks for waterboarding Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, one of al-Qaeda’s top dogs. He spilled his guts with enough information to enable us to save hundreds of lives. -- Oh yes, thanks for getting a higher GPA at Harvard than one of their 'geniuses', John Kerry

George W Bush

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