Thursday, February 5, 2009

Obama's Message of Despair

Americans have revealed something very encouraging about themselves. They have moved beyond the days of discrimination and have proven it by electing America's first black president. The African-American community must now feel a depth of hope they have never felt before in this country. Surely, Obama will be very good for African-Americans!Will he?On January 22nd, pro-life groups congregated in Washington as they have every year for the last 36. George "W" made it a point to address them every year. Obama refused the invitation. In fact, just hours after his inauguration the website was updated to reveal his unwavering support for radical abortion groups. Is Obama aware?-- that even though African-Americans make up 12% of the U.S. population, 37% of all abortions are black babies.-- 512 of every 1,000 African American pregnancies end in abortion.-- in Pennsylvania, 10% of the female population is black, 45% of black females abort their babies.-- abortion has cost 13 million African-American livesAlveda King, MLK's niece said, "...there is no greater injustice than that suffered by the 4,000 babies, 1,400 of them black, who die on any given day at the hands of abortionists."Rev. Clenard Childress said, "the most dangerous place for an African-American to be is in the womb of their African-American mother."Mr. Obama, give us the type of positive change you promised. Give us hope. Preserve life.

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