Monday, February 9, 2009

The Devil Made Me Do It

Its a phrase I often hear that contradicts my perception of the free will of man. Do we somehow perceive that our sinful actions are a result of our sinful nature alone? If we inherited our sinful nature from Adam and it is the cause of our sin...are we accountable for sins committed? We have no control of the fact that we have brown or blue eyes. It is predetermined in our genes. If our nature is the sole cause of our sin, are we personally responsible for sin? Its just in our genes.If our nature alone is the cause of our sin....what was the cause of Lucifer's sin? Lucifier wasn't created with a sinful nature. What was the cause of Adam's sin...he wasn't created with a sinful nature? We attribute all of our decisions to do good as having originated in God himself. He is the first cause of all good. But, aren't we mistaken when we attribute all of our decisions to do evil to Satan. He becomes our first cause for all evil. Where did Satan originate? Was he not created by God? Therefore, is not God the first cause of all evil? IMPOSSIBLE!! The holy and pure nature of God would be compromised. He can't possibly be the author of evil. God didn't create the devil. God didn't create hell and he can never be the source of any evil act that is ever committed. So, what is the answer??God gave us a wonderful gift of free will. ("you are free" Gen. 2:19) This gift was given to Lucifer. God made Lucifer, a good angel, but Lucifer made the devil by abusing his free will. God made Adam and Eve pure and holy (Ezek. 7:29 "God made man upright." ) but they made themselves into sinful beings by abusing the gift of God's free will. Our sinfulness is not predetermined by a loving and holy God nor was it the devil that made us do it. We abuse God's gift of free will when we sin and we alone are accountable for it.

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