Sunday, May 31, 2009

William Hussein Barak Jefferson Clinton Obama

William Hussein Barak Jefferson Clinton Obama

Have you yet noticed how similar Bill Clinton and Barak Obama are? They could be siamese twins. They both have a skill for communicating with the public. But the words that are often pleasant to the ear may have no appeal to the intellect. Its amazing to hear so many words that have so little meaning.

They both married lawyers from Chicago. Neither had any contact with their real fathers during their youth and both of their fathers were bigamists! Both of their fathers died in automobile accidents. They both lived over seas for extended periods of time. Clinton absorbed the liberal influence of the Europeans at Oxford for two years. Obama sponged the Muslim influence of the Indonesians for five years of his early life.

Both cast themselves as agents of change. Bill promoted himself as the one who would 'bridge the 20th and 21st century. Obama urges voters to embrace the 'change we can all believe in'. They both seem to have an aversion, if not an outright hatred for the military. Both were very intent on avoiding any military service.

Both seem to be perpetual adolescents. Bill chased skirts in spite of the pain it would cause his wife and child. Obama won't hesitate to throw close friends or relatives (his own mother, his former pastor) under the bus if it means self-promotion. Some would say they are narcissists who love themselves and are dedicated to promoting themselves at any cost!

Neither seem to be in love with their country. It's not what you can do for America, it's what you must do to get reelected. It's not what decisions are best for a failing economy, it's what decision should I make to be sure my constituents will still love me. (Provide them with lots of entitilements even if it means bankrupting the country)They both received an extremely liberal education. Both embrace the idea that lying is not necessarily wrong if it can benefit me:

Clinton - "I did not have sex with that woman"

Obama - "I went to Jeremiah Wright's church but I really had no idea what he stood for."

Neither Clinton or Obama have a real concept of the forces of good verses evil. They are relative terms with relative meanings. Lying may be evil in some instances, but if lying will promote a career and cause one to be loved, it becomes exceptable.Unfortunately, wthese two are not anomolous, they are typical of modern politicians in both parties!

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