Saturday, May 9, 2009

It Is What He Puts In Us

It Is What He Puts In Us

Everyone knows what it means to be forgiven. Its a very commonly used word. But so few seem to understand what is means to be sanctified. Sanctification is a church term that is hardly used in everyday life. When we are forgiven, He cleanses us, He takes the sin out of our hearts. But, a void exists and a void always begs to be filled. Sanctification is filling the void with His love. It is learning to love God "with all your heart and soul." (Deut. 30:6) But, it is also learning to "love your neighbor as yourself." (Luke 10:27)

Many yearn to love in this way. It is required that we give ourselves entirely to God. We must be fully committed. We must cast out the other idols in our lives for Christ makes very clear that He will not share the throne of our hearts with any other. We give ourselves totally to Christ because we need Him to do in us what we cannot do for ourselves!

Beware not to feel too haughty about giving yourself entirely to Him. Frankly, we are not really giving much. In our sinful and carnal state we really have nothing to offer. Have you seen the new 2010 Mercedes-Benz? Wow. What if someone offered to give you a Mercedes-Benz? You might be pretty excited about that until you realized that the Mercedes they were offering was an unrestored 1912 model with a crank on his front end that was rusted out and inoperable. Something to look at but nothing more.

When we give ourselves to God he goes to work on us. Sanctification is God purifying us. Restoring us and making us useful. It's an engine overhaul. A new set of tires. A fresh coat of paint. Until He does this we are pretty much useless and of little value.When the vehicle is restored it still won't run unless it is filled with fuel. Sanctification is God energizing and fueling us with the infilling of his Holy Spirit. It is his reminder to us that anything we become or anything we accompllish is not of our own merit, it is the Holy Spirit living in us and working through us.Are you sanctified, set apart, cleansed, empowered to do God's will? Are you equipped to live your life for God's glory?

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