Monday, May 18, 2009

"Freedom Restricted, Freedom Lost"

"Freedom Restricted, Freedom Lost"

“Freedom Restricted, Freedom Lost”Someone said that “freedom restricted is freedom lost”. I don’t really question the motives of the powerbrokers in Washington. Deep within I want to believe that these people are just mislead and theyreally think that what they are doing is the best thing for the country. But, the determination to restrict our freedoms is nothing less than tyranny.

Since Barack Hussein Obama has become president our government has been expanding at the speed of light. He and his lieutenants believe that an empowered government is much better than a free market system. They sincerely believe that our present economic problems are actually the fault of our free market system. The solution is to take control away from individuals and corporations and empower the government to solve our economic problems.

They fail to acknowledge that pretty much every thing the government has tried to run has been a failure: Medicare, Welfare, Education, Social Security, Healthcare, etc, etc. How arrogant are they to believe they can run GM or America’s banks!! The latest power grab is the TRACE Act of 2009. (Tracing and Recalling Agricultural Contamination Everywhere Act) The government will now try to control the production, growth and distribution of all food. Under this act, you will have to register the tomato plants growing beside your garage. If you intend to grow food you will have to submit a written plan to the government for approval!! All in the name of food safety!

The Clean Water Restoration Act will give the government control over how much water is available to water your garden. I don’t think this is a caring government concerned about the welfare of its population. It seems more like a tyrannical, out-of-control government more interested in grabbing up land, wealth and power over its citizens.

There is a certain amount of injustice that seems to accompany freedom. Some cows will be diseased. Some vegetables may be contaminated. I’d rather deal with the injustice of living in a sin affected world than live under a tyrannical, club wielding government.

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