Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Unnecessary Death

Unnecessary Death

There are three ways to get out of this economic mess we’re in. We can borrow money. Not a very smart decision. Future generations will hate us for saddling them with a debt that will deprive them of the kind of lifestyle we enjoyed. China holds more than $1.5 trillion of U.S. debt. It is very understandable why they are so hesitant to buy any more of our debt in view of the fact our deficit next year will be $1.8 trillion.

A second way we can repair the wreckage is to print more money. When a private citizen does this it is a federal crime called counterfeiting. When the government does this it’s called presidential or congressional genius. The consequence of this practice is always rapid inflation as Jimmy Carter should regretfully admit.

A third way we can climb out of the mud is to use the natural wealth God has blessed us with. A message to the off-the-wall environmentalist: God gave us water, he expects us to use it wisely. He gave us trees, plants, vegetables and fruits, he expects us to be creative in our use of some of these gifts and nourish ourselves with others. The minerals he has hidden in the earth were preserved for our use in this age. He expects us to respectfully extract them and use them wisely.

How is it that a socialist country like Finland can offer “cradle to grave” benefits to its citizens and be flourishing economically while the U.S. social security system faces bankruptcy? How is it that a small, sassy dictator in Venezuela can become a respected voice in the world community? Why will Brazil be a strong voice in the future? What is China doing that we are not doing? These countries are cashing in on vast natural resources that bring billions into their economies yearly.

Our failure to do the same seems very dim witted to me. Louisiana provides 80,000 jobs and brings in hundreds of millions from their off-shore oil industry. California is going down the tube as they refuse to tap into their huge off-shore resources. China adds a coal-fired power plant every month in their country while President Obama has shut down all construction on coal-fired power plants in the U.S.

It’s like a man dying of thirst while lying helplessly beside a rushing mountain stream. It’s just insane!!

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