Friday, May 22, 2009

California Burning

"California's Burning"

When I was a young child my family packed up a 1963 Corvair station wagon and the five of us drove from Pennsylvania to California on vacation. It was my mother's dream to visit paradise. Disneyland, Hollywood and redwoods big enough to drive your car through. That was when we wished they were all California girls. Young people went to California chasing their dreams. If you had a Harley you went to California in search of yourself.
What in the world happened? While the state is immersed in debt up to the gills ($21 biillion) their amateur governor is chasing red herrings like 'global warming', 'gay marriage' and 'stem cell research'. Wake up, man. Your state is burning to ash. He and his state legislature actually approved $10 million to build a high-speed rail system connecting San Francisco and Los Angeles. Earth to California, you're bankrupt! Why are you spending money on luxuries.
If my house is being foreclosed on I'm not going to take the family on a Mediterranean cruise!Half of California's deficit is a result of providing support and protection for illegal immigrants. If a poor man knocks on my door looking for a meal I'd probably invite him in and feed him. If he came back the next day with his family I'd still do my best to share what I have. If he returned the next day with his whole neighborhood I'd have to reconsider. I wouldn't sacrifice my family to poverty. How could I live with myself if I had to look into my son's face, emaciated from hunger, because I gave the families provision to a bunch of strangers.
An alien showed up at California's door years ago. They graciously extended a helping hand and earned the admiration of the rest of the world. It seemed the right thing to do but he went back and brought the neighborhood, then the whole village and now its seems most of Mexico has moved to California. Jobs disappeared, prisons filled, and taxes expanded. That swashing sound you hear is California being flushed. Their educational system is in shambles. Their infrastructure is in need of costly repairs. Tax payers are saddled with the costs of healthcare for millions who aren't even U.S. citizens. I wonder how Canada would react if millions of Americans crossed the border to benefit from healthcare provisions and in doing so, bankrupted the country.
I don't feel too sorry for them. Foolish decisions are always followed by dire consequences. What really angers me is that California's new governor, (President Obama will soon own California like he does GM) will expect the rest of the nation's taxpayers to bail them out. It will set a precedent as states all over the nation will now build bridges to nowhere because there is no financial risk. Obama will bail them out.
Margaret Thatcher once said that socialism doesn't ever work because they eventually run out of everyone else's money to spend. There is another saying more frightening: "As California goes so goes the country"It's no longer the place to go. California is hemorrhaging. It seems nearly everyone in Californian is looking for anexit sign.

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