Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Open Letter to President Obama

Dear Mr. President,I understand that it is a very Christian thing to offer apologies and I appreciate your attempt to take the high road. I realize, sir, that you have never served in the military. I'm not sure what sort of conflicts you've been involved in beyond a spirited debate or perhaps an argument with your wife. Apologies always seem to work with wives. Bill Clinton surely proved that to the nation when he apologized to his wife who was all the more determined to stand by her man.

But, sir, no competition is ever won by apology. The Steelers certainly didn't win the Super Bowl by apologizing to their opponent. Imagine the outcome if Saul would have sent David to Goliath with a note of apology. I don't think an apology ever entered the mind of Roosevelt when he was dealing with Hitler. George W. certainly wasn't apologizing when he dragged Saddam Hussein out of his little spider hole.

Consider Neville Chamberlain. One of history's greatest passivists. His groveling before Hitler did him nothing but find an ignoble place in history.

Quite frankly, sir, I'm offended when you frequently apologize for 'the actions and policies of the previous administration.' The previous administration took seriously its job to protect Americans from ruthless terrorists eagor to find any weakness in America's resolve. If waterboarding two prisoners at Guantanomo was instrumental in saving thousands, maybe tens of thousands of lives, then why would you oppose that? What other method would you suggest? What was the result of 'W's war policy? Seven years of protection for the American people.

Do you think our enemies admire us more when you apologize and grovel? When two dogs fight, the stronger dog has no respect for the weaker dog who cowers away. It just makes the stronger dog more bold.

We are at war, sir, with a ruthless enemy looking closely for any visible weaknesses. This enemy is determined to destroy us at any cost. The American people and I are looking to you , Mr. President, to demonstrate at this moment in our history the same courage George Washington displayed at Valley Forge, the same courage Abe Lincoln displayed when the country was being divided by Civil War. The same courage General MacArthur displayed when he promised to return and finish the job. These great men were not about negotiating and apologizing, they were courageous men intent on building a great and noble country. Achieving the approval of the Europeans was the furthest thing from their minds.

So, Mr. President, Iran is sending out war ships as I write this and the mousy dictator in North Korea is all in your face with his nuclear testing. Please, offer no apologies for America's determination to protect other countries of the world from such despots. Display the courage that should be characterized by any man who would be president of this country. Don't look to our allies for direction. Don't try to protect your own legacy or your prospect for re-election. Do what you know is best for this great country. Reward this country for making you its president by displaying greatness in such a time as this.

Sincerely,Kevin P. Probst

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