Monday, May 10, 2010

Why I am a Nazarene

Why I am a Nazarene.

The advantages of the existence of so many denominations is that they provide opportunities to emphasize certain doctrines or beliefs that may be neglected by others. The Church of the Nazarene was formed for the distinct purpose of propagating the message of holiness. Mainline denominations began to turn liberal about 100-150 years ago. The work of sanctification as well as the inerrancy of the Bible were being questioned by the skeptics of the day. The Nazarene Church proclaimed a strong devotion to sanctification as an instantaneous as well as progressive second work of grace. The denomination has always held strongly to the inerrancy of the Word of God.

Where many other denominations have begun to question the trinity, the existence of hell and the definition of sin, the Nazarene Church has held strongly to their original definitions of essential doctrines. Nazarenes believe in God as revealed in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Nazarenes believe in the dual nature of Christ, he is 100% human and 100% God. Nazarenes believe in original sin inherited from Adam and they believe in personal acts of sin that are voluntary transgressions of God's known law. Nazarenes believe that a man's soul can be justified, regenerated and adopted into the family of God upon sincere repentance for existing sin. One strong reason I am a Nazarene is because they hold true to the above said doctrines.

The Nazarene Church is a force for resistance against evil in her own culture. Nazarenes strongly oppose abortion and genetic manipulation of the human race. Because Nazarenes are committed to protecting the value of human life they strongly oppose euthanasia and physician assisted suicide. Cloning is opposed because it treats human life as an object rather than a soul created in the image of God.

In a culture that is riddled with sexual impropriety, the Nazarene Church promotes purity and abstinence for youth in pre-marital relationships. The church recognizes the danger of substances that have power to destroy lives. Therefore, Nazarenes strongly suggest their members abstain from the consumption of alcohol and refrain from ingesting any substances that would harm the body which is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Not only is the Nazarene Church a very positive influence on modern American culture, the church is also very influential on foreign cultures. From the very beginning Nazarenes have been very committed to missions and evangelizing all peoples. Nazarenes have always felt a responsibility to take care of the poor and destitute. They have always been generous in their support of the spreading of the holiness message to peoples of other lands.

In summary, the Nazarene church has held strongly to the essential doctrines of God's word. It has been a force against evil in a sin-infested culture. It holds strongly to a set of values and ethics that glorifies God and benefits society. The challenge for the Nazarene church is to prevent the gradual decay that seems to accompany the growth of most religious institutions.

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  1. The whole of this is very interesting indeed, but I still don't understand why exactly you are against gene manipulation. Eugenics can be beneficial to man as a whole. Why resent it?