Monday, May 24, 2010

Here the Commode Flushing?

Hear the Commode Flushing?

There are somewhere between 10 and 20 million illegal immigrants in the United States. Mexicans make up nearly 57% of illegal immigrants with another 24% coming from other Latin American countries. That computes to a whopping 81% of illegal immigrants coming from south of the border. 9% come from Asian and another 4% come from Europe and Canada.

Although I strongly favor limiting immigration and extraditing those who come here illegally I also have sympathies for those who are in this country illegally and want desperately to become legal citizens. I know of a wonderful, God-fearing family who had to flee their homeland because they feared for their own safety. Their attempts to become certified U.S. citizens have failed because of miles of red tape and the inability to get records from uncooperative members of the government of their former country. I have great empathy for this struggling family.

One day we may wake up to realize that this vast migration from south of the border wasn’t just happenstance. It was an invasion of one foreign people by another. It was planned in the sense that no one tried to stop it; not ‘W’, not Obama and certainly not Felipe Calderon the president of Mexico. Some of these are just good, innocent people who are fleeing a country with failing economy and crumbling governmental structure. But some are simply thugs toting guns, drugs and a criminal record. Calderon is more than happy to pawn his discontents off on his generous neighbor to the north.

On May 19, Obama and Calderon held a joint press conference. Americans should certainly have been enraged by what was said but most Americans were too busy watching American Idol and the NBA playoffs to pay any attention. In case you missed it, Obama stood quietly in the background while the Mexican president had the ‘audacity’ to trash the state of Arizona. He accused the governor of Arizona, the legislature of Arizona and at last count, 70% of Arizonians of “forcing our people (illegal Mexicans) there to face discrimination.” Lucky for him he didn’t arrive 100 years earlier because Teddy Roosevelt would surely have broken his nose.

Obama offered support by maintaining a cowardly silence. I feel like I’m watching the last swirl of water as it is about to disappear down the porcelain throat of my toilet. How much lower can we sink? Our president invites a neighboring president who is actively promoting an illegal invasion of our southern border and he acquiesces while this opponent trashes one of the fifty with an ‘in your face’ attitude!

If you aren’t depressed yet let me pile on some more manure. The following day Calderon stood in our Congress and berated citizens of Arizona for defending their border from those who would so blatantly break America’s laws and he received a standing ovation from those on the left side of the isle who are still brain dead from the hypnotization they received from Obama in the 2008 election. Oh yes, and those brave and noble defenders of all that is right and true, those Republicans we all love so well…sat quietly and let this all happen without even a ripple of protest. A few disgusted grunts would have been much appreciated. Why didn’t someone get up and walk out of the assembly. Is there not one Republican in the whole Congress brave enough to toss a tomato at the Mexican offender?

You shouldn’t be surprised. If you haven’t noticed by now, our president seems to have great affection for those who would call themselves enemies of the United States and he seems to detest those who would call themselves our friends. He eagerly hugs those who oppose Israel, he welcomes those from the southern hemisphere as if they were returning prodigals. He is consistent about some things….like trying to find points whereby we can find unity with those who call themselves Muslims.

What’s that I hear? It’s the flushing of all we’ve ever stood for; our liberty, our freedom, our integrity and loyalty to friends and allies down the proverbial commode.

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