Friday, May 28, 2010

Christians as 'Useful Idiots'

Christians as 'Useful Idiots'

Every man and every government has a paradigm, or a worldview. Secular humanism is the worldview embraced by our modern government. But this worldview cannot survive or thrive unless it has some healthy opposition. Governments justify their existence by fighting real or imagined enemies of the state. In our country, Christianity is fast becoming the enemy of choice.

Many of our leaders are openly European 'wannabe's'. We seem to be running four or five decades behind the Europeans. Europeans are experiencing a major paradigm shift. Secular humanists have pretty much murdered Christianity in Europe but a new enemy rises. It is Islam. Muslims are determined to convert infidels to Islam although one might question their 'convert or die' approach. Onlookers are questioning if Europeans have the will to resist the onslaught of Islam upon their culture. Christians are so impotent they aren't given the time of day but Europeans handle the Muslims with kid gloves.

Every government and culture experiences a clash of worldviews. In our culture Christianity is no longer accepted as a player on the worldview stage. Humanists have used the club of political correctness to club Christians into submission. Christians are asked to conform and if they are unwilling they will be forced to conform by the enactment of various laws. (laws pertaining to prayer, ten commandments, etc.) If Christians cannot be forced into submission through the courts then an open persecution will follow. If you have any doubt this will happen just flip back through the pages of history and investigate the role of Christianity in every culture.

The Department of Homeland Security was formed to protect us from those who would be a danger to society. How shocking it was for many Christians when they discovered that some of their beliefs fit the new definition for terrorism. You might be a terrorist if you believe in end-time prophecies, you might be a terrorist if you are pro-life, anti-illegal immigration or belong to a local Tea Party group. You might be a terrorist if you are a resident of the state of Arizona. It us inevitable that he who defines the terms of the debate always wins.

In 1992 the United Nations redefined the term "enemy combatant". "This now includes non-military sources of instability in the economic, social, humanitarian and ecological fields." That word 'social' is especially troubling to those of us who are teachers or preachers.

Soft, feel-good terms are very deceiving. The process of ripping a living, unborn child from its mother's womb is called 'pro-choice'. If you would like to participate in a pantheistic pagan worship of the creation rather than the Creator then you might become involved in the National Day of Prayer for Creation Care. Christians were on board with the environmentalists until they made socialism the foundation of their politics, pantheism their religion and income redistribution their economics. This sharp turn to the left caused many Christians to abandon the movement while they struggled with a conscience that told them they were to be good stewards of God's creation.

The National Council of Churches and the National Association of Evangelicals are buying into this bunk. It's happened before. 80% of the churches of Germany bought into Hitler's great deception preceding WWII and the great holocaust.

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