Sunday, November 15, 2009

Obama's Improper Etiquette

Notice in the picture that follows that the Chinese Hu Jintao bows ever so slightly to Emperor Akihito  of Japan.  Akhito returns an ever so slight bow.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) shakes hands with Japanese Emperor Akihito.  No visible bow here.

President Obama is breaks a standard rule in Japanese etiquette, never shake hands while conducting a bow.  The emperor is either very embarrassed or very amused.

And then there was the deep bow along with the bent knee to the Saudi monarch.  Obama is not very well coached...its embarrassing.


  1. i think obama needs to research other cultures before he goes to them and makes a fool of himself thus making a fool of america and its not like he is being humble he is just being stupid he needs to step it up a notch if he is going to represent what america stands for

  2. Alana said...

    What in the world? When you showed this to us in class I thought it rather funny,seriously whhhat was he thinking or his "advisors" thinking letting him humiliate himself..but oh well whats done is done, hopefully he will get a hint the next time it comes around...oh and I don't think it was out of just plain humility.