Sunday, November 29, 2009

If They Find a Cure They Won't Have a Job

Why will no one in the mainstream media investigate the swine flu? Why are they no longer ‘testing’ for the swine flu? How will we know who had swine flu and who had regular flu?

What are the results of this study? Give 100 people the swine flu vaccine. Compare that group to 100 people who did not receive the vaccine. Which group exhibited more cases of swine flu. You’ll never see the results of such a study because no study has been done and never will be.

Claims that 80,000 Americans will die of Swine flu this year seem utterly absurd when considering the flu’s slow start. So, what is going on? Why are they pushing the vaccine?

Millions of vaccine have been sold. There hasn’t been time to sufficiently test the vaccine. We sell massive amounts to other countries with the understanding that the pharmaceutical companies will be entirely protected from any lawsuits.

It seems to me to be marketing 101. Pretty simple. When Coca Cola wants to boost sales they come out with a brand new product. They advertise the living daylights out of it and they make billions. When a pharmaceutical wants to make lots of money they come up with a new disease. They market the living daylights out of it and they make billions of dollars. Millions are petrified this year because of the way the media is handling this. It’s not unusual to see a report that five people have died in Seattle of the Swine Flu. It’s tragic when anyone dies but they fail to report that 15 people have died of the regular flu.

Imagine what would happen if someone found a cure to cancer tomorrow. Can you even possibly perceive of the billions of dollars that would be lost by pharmaceuticals and other medical entities? Why can they find drugs that will reduce cholesterol and regulate hearts, drugs that will enable older men to have the sexual prowess of a twenty year old but they can’t seem to find a cure to the common cold. Do you know how much money they would lose? Finding a cure would eliminate the billions of dollars made on treating the symptoms.

Why are they claiming a normal flu season as pandemic? Will someone explain why Ahlzheimer’s is now so prevalent, why autism has increased drastically and why most of the kids I teach in school are taking some kind of drug to inhibit their behavior? Is this all about making money? Is it about controlling the masses?

I suppose the CDC (Center for Disease Control) gets huge amounts of grant money from the federal government. Is it necessary to create pseudo-pandemics to justify their own existence?

Previous generations were able to survive the flu using their grandmothers home remedies. Why do we spend millions of dollars on medicines that simply treat the symptoms, perhaps no better than mom’s cod liver oil!

It just seems somehow we are be deceived and losing our way.


  1. these are all great questions. to me it sounds like it's all about money.

  2. I personally believe that the flu vaccination will make the flu worse. I mean if we aren't getting it without it then what is the point? And it is quite strange that they will not diagnose it anymore. I also think that there could very well possibly be a cure for cancer out there, they just do not want anyone to know because of the money. I know this sounds crazy, but it is possible.

  3. I also think that the flu vaccination has no point. It is the same thing as the regular flu and the vaccination is really not necessary. If americans would actually be healthy for once they could probably avoid this and the pandomonium. The cure for cancer is not out there either. Polio and Small pox were also huge pandemics that probably interferred with "money" but they stil found those and its helped. Now we don't have to worry about them and eventually we will find the cure, but it hasn't been found and thats for sure.

  4. Alana Roper said...

    My mom doesn't want any of us to get the Flu shot and she is a nurse that gives them out all day long. And as for the Cancer I do agree with theothers that it is about the money.