Monday, November 23, 2009

Just Say It, Sarah.

Just Say It, Sarah!!

Sarah Palin came charging out of Alaska last year from a life of relative obscurity to become the great hope of the GOP. Someone asked me the other day what I thought of her. I retreated and said I didn't really have an opinion yet.

So many seem to get pretty emotional about her specific distinctions. She has done an admirable job of navigating around Levi, the hormone driven teen who impregnated her daughter, Bristol. She juggles the possibility of becoming president nicely without threatening the masculinity of the other men in her life, her husband, Todd, and her father. She is much admired because she chose "not to abort" her Down's Syndrome child, Trig. I have great respect for her as a mother willing to accept her responsibilities but shouldn't we expect the same decision of any mother with a Down's Syndrome child? It's unfortunate that a mother who chooses life for an exceptional child is unusual. It's sad when a mother's deep love for a special child is an unusual spectacle.

She is unusual in other ways. How many women in your life are talented moose hunters? She has also been greatly admired for going after corruption in her own party in the state of Alaska. But shouldn't that be expected of any politician who has any measure of dedication for what is right? Why is it that she is being elevated for doing what any decent law abiding individual should do? Is it because we have become so accustomed to the immoral behavior of our politicians that we consider the party with less sin than the other to be the superior party?

I guess the question that causes me hesitation when it comes to Sarah is this: Will she follow the broad political road and just say the right things to the right crowds in order to get elected or will she follow the narrow road of integrity and just simply call a spade a spade? My concerns were exacerbated after watching Hannity interview Sarah on Fox News the other night. Hannity threw her some 'softball' questions that she seemed to sidestep because it would be politically expedient for her.

Hannity gave Sarah multiple chances to peg Obama as a socialist but obviously she thought being so bold with the truth might not fly with her more moderate supporters so she sidestepped. Hannity then softened the question and asked her if she thought Obama was a radical? Again, she sidestepped and refused to identify Obama as the radical he is. Sarah, just look at the people he has appointed as his Czars! Look at his policies and the bills he is promoting, they have SOCIALIST and RADICAL written all over them.

So now I'm trying to decide which interview was more disappointing: her travesty with Katie Couric or the timidity she revealed with Sean Hannity. Come on Sarah, you've shown plenty of courage when confronted with the Alaskan moose, how 'bout showing the same courage by opposing a political enemy who won't hesitate to annihilate you with his Chicago style politics just like he did Hillary!!

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  1. She is also an "unusual mother" because she calls herself a mama grizzly, implying that she would protect her "cubs" to the death. However, when Palin accepted the Vice President nomination from Mccain and became an icon, she knew the fact that her daughter who was pregnant from premarital sex at the age of 17 would be exposed and humiliated in front of the whole world. But did that stop Sarah from being selfish and from protecting her child and humiliating her daughter for the advancement of her own glory? No. Unusual mother indeed.