Thursday, November 12, 2009

Obama: Who is he and what's his problem?

Obama: Who is he and what's his problem?

By Kevin Probst

Why has he turned his back on our European allies? Why has he thrown so many people under the bus, including his own mother? Why has he snubbed our two greatest allies: Britain and Israel? Why has he embraced despots like Chavez and Castro? Why does former Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev admire him? Gorbachev declares that Obama should "implement perestroika in the context of American society". He obviously interprets "change" as becoming more like Russian society!!

I've read with hesitance all the declarations that Obama is a narcissist. But there is something extremely troubling, not just because of his radical policies, but because of who he actually is. He seems so utterly detached. He is almost robotic in his responses. We saw great emotion and even some tears in the eyes of George Bush when America was attacked by the terrorists. We saw nothing of the kind in Obama when our troops were attacked at Fort Hood. He pandered for three long minutes and even participated in an awkward shout out before finally addressing the attack. Then, in a monotone, emotionless voice he announced what happened as if it was some mundane, ordinary event. What is wrong with him?

Why has he struggled for months over the question of increasing troops to Afghanistan? Does he detest the military? Or is he just clueless as to what the mission is? I know I'll never know the answer to this question but let me pose it anyway: When Obama heard about the tragedy at Fort Hood was his sympathies with those who died in the attack and their suffering families or was his sympathy with Major Hasan? If he felt any emotion at all was it a connection with the ideology of a devout Muslim intent on ridding the world or a few trashy, ignorant infidel enemies of Islam?

Obama is probably the most over prepped and tele-prompted leader in the history of mankind. Is it because he can't be trusted to veil his real beliefs if he were to go impromptu?

Why is Obama so uncomfortable around people? He admitted as much in his autobiography, Dreams From My Father. Is there something in his background that makes it difficult for him to relate to people? Is he socially challenged, maybe as a result of a loveless childhood? He was deserted by an abusively alcoholic father. He was dragged about by a seemingly uncaring, communist leaning mother until he finally ended up being reared by grandparents who had some significant problems of their own.

Have you ever traipsed through the snow and looked at the tracks you had left behind. Obama is like a man who can walk through snow without a trace. Did he not write any papers at Harvard? Where are they? Where are all the former neig hbors and classmates eager for their fifteen minutes of fame? Is there no one who would come forth and tell us something they knew about Obama? He was a professor of constitutional law…where are all his former students? I would certainly be talking about my former teacher if his name were Barack Obama! Where are all the old girlfriends? Where are all his former basketball teammates?

Robin of Berkeley makes a very succinct comparison in her blog:

"Little Bill Clinton: People pleaser, Mama's boy, a show off.

Young Hillary: Brainiac, smartest girl in the school, bossy.

W: Wisecracker, Class Clown, Smart aleck.

McCain: Impetuous, volatile, ornery

Sarah: Sweet, popular, every teacher's favorite, Miss Congeniality.

Young Barry: ________________________ Blank."

I think we have a right to questions Obama's capabilities as long as we are left in the dark as to who he really is.

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