Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Empty Souls

Empty Souls

By Kevin Probst

I've heard many of my high school students speak of Zombies recently. I picked up a book from one of my student's desk today and asked, what is Zombie Armageddon? He informed me that a Zombie was like a living dead person, like a person without a soul. A Zombie would be a mindless person. According to Haitian Voodoo a Zombie yields control to a powerful sorcerer, or a bokor. It's not so much that they are living, it's just that they are not yet dead. They are the undead and they feed on the flesh of the living.

Have you ever looked into someone's eyes and seen the absence of spirit. Our society is full of abused children with no light in their eyes. Have you ever seen a woman who was repeatedly abused and her eyes are vacant? How about the drug addict, the alcoholic or the man who has competed but lost in his attempt to support his family? He has been beaten over and over again until he is broken and the light leaves his eyes. It's haunting to see.

Why are there so many people going off the deep end? Mothers kill their children. Men going postal in their places of work, guns blazing and all the while their eyes are empty and they show no emotion. I'll bet you have a neighbor who is so numbed by the difficulty of his life that you've never seen him smile. You probably work with someone who is robotic, no energy, no life, just going through the motions, zombie-like.

I've read of the powers of certain cult leaders: Jim Jones convinced his followers to drink the cool-aid. Were they hypnotized by his charisma. Charles Manson rots in a prison cell for murders he never committed. He brainwashed his followers to commit the horrendous murders. Sometimes these cult-like features can be observed in political leaders. Mussolini, il duce, was such a dynamic and charismatic orator, he was able to manipulate the masses. Adoph Hitler influenced men to build gas chambers and kill millions. Hypnotic and cultish, their zombie-like disciples seem willing to sacrifice their souls to their leader.

My student's zombie description caused me to make some political parallels. The cultish, violent behavior of the far-left liberal segment in our society is troubling. Many of our country's leaders are former members of cults like The Black Panthers, The Weathermen, Black Muslims and the Symbioniese Liberation Army. Their anti-American ideas were demonstrated decades ago through much violence and blood-letting. Now in power they have adopted different methods to spread the same ideology.

Is Barack Obama cult-like in his influence over a country filled with far-left political zombies? He is very eloquent in his speech. He is very charismatic. He is very subtle in sending signals. He refuses to salute the American flag. What message is he relaying? He elevates a conflict between a white cop and a black professor into a national discussion on racism. Is he sending a message? He sends a bust of Winston Churchill back to Britain. His family dresses in black and red, colors that represent communism and black nationalism, during his inauguration ceremony. Is he sending a message? He failed to send a limo to pick up Prime Minster Netanyahu of Israel. Is he sending a message?

It was so eerie to see Obama break the news about the shootings at Fort Hood. It's so confusing and confounding to see his expressionless eyes and the emptiness in his soul.

He caused a thrill to run up the leg of Chris Matthews. Journalists write articles fawning over the crease in his pants! Have you ever had someone say something to you and you knew they didn't mean it? Empty words. Fake emotion or no emotion at all. Television talking heads drone on and on about the messianic traits of Barack Obama but their words drop like hollow pellets from flat lips and their eyes have no spark, they seem spiritless and zombie-like. The robotic delivery of Keith Olbermann comes to mind.

There is something about our president that is pathetic and saddening. I don't hate him. I pity him. I pray often for him. He seems to be a man without a country. A man whose mission is undefined. A cowardly man who pawns the most important decisions off onto his subordinates or he just delays decisions indefinitely. How can he send more troops to Afghanistan without sending the wrong message to the people who matter most to him?

He seems like an empty soul. His followers are so hypnotized or so radically committed to the far-left dogmas that they've lost their ability to feel or even to think rationally. They are like famished spirits whose appetites are insatiable. In Tibet they call them "tormented beings who are starving to death from their inner nothingness."

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