Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We Have No King But Jesus

"We Have No King But Jesus"

King George III was king of England during the Revolutionary War. He taxed the colonists unmercifully to try to pay the bills of a country that seemed to be perpetually at war. The colonists were weary of the heavy taxes and adopted a slogan to express their displeasure. "No taxation without representation!" George received a letter from his diplomats in the colonies: "Dear King, when we approach these rebels to direct to them your question, 'Are you going to give that which belongs to the king?' they reply with great conviction, 'We have no king but Jesus!!'"

This King Jesus they spoke of was no ordinary king! He was born in a barn and laid in a feeding stall. His mother was a young teen who gave birth out of wedlock. His father was a carpenter but had a bloodline that qualified him to be a king. His friends were simple people. He never married nor had any children. He had a simple message. This king made his grand entrance into Jerusalem on a donkey.

Most kings will destroy all their enemies when they ascend to their throne. King Jesus never killed anyone, in fact, he sacrificed himself on a cross to save others. He never organized an army or desired political power. He proved himself the Messiah by performing miraculous signs and wonders too numerous to mention. He had power over nature - his voice calmed the troubled sea. He had power over disease - touching the hem of his garment could bring healing. He had power over death - he raised his good friend, Lazarus.

This is no ordinary king. He has power to transform lives. A wicked Saul became a holy Paul. A weak Simon became a strong Peter. He recruited 12 common, simple fishermen and transformed the entire world through their writings and teachings.

He is no ordinary king. He is a perfect blend of justice and mercy. He is more powerful than any earthly king yet his gentleness is compared to that of a shepherd looking after his helpless sheep. He is superior in his nature. He is perfect in his knowledge. He is complete in his love and he is majestic in his reign as King of all.

Most churches in our modern culture are very happy to acknowledge a king lying in a manger, they will gladly put this king on a cross, they will accept his sufferings, they will make movies about his agonies and his death…but they don't want to say much about a risen King , they hesitate to acknowledge that he sits on a throne over the universe. They fail to declare that his is the only way to salvation. They are glad to declare him as savior but resist accepting him as Lord of their lives.

We have no king but Jesus! Unlike others, Christians honor an empty grave. He is the true king because he conquered death and in doing so provided a way for us to find salvation from sin. He refuses forever to share his throne with any other imposter. He is king of the universe and he is king of my heart. He reigns all powerful, all glory and all honor and all authority is given unto him. Without him there is no forgiveness nor is there eternal life. Justice governs all his decisions. His love is indescribable. His mercy is everlasting.

We have no king but Jesus! So, I take it personally when some nitwit tries to tell me that all religions are the same. When some weak soul approaches me to try to convince me to say that the founders of all religions are the same I must declare, "I have no King but Jesus!"

They laid him in a manger, they dragged him to a cross. They spat on him and beat him mercilessly. He humbled himself so that I might share in his inheritance. He appeared as a lamb to the slaughter. But when he reappears he will come as a great warrior king, he will wear a crown and he will hear all of his own declare, "We have no king but Jesus!"

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