Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Greatest be a father. - Kevin Probst

My greatest calling is to be a father….

Kevin Probst

I’m a teacher, I’m a preacher, a pastor, a friend, a husband, a son. I’m chief maintenance officer around my house. I’m the lawn man, the garbage man and baseball coach and golf instructor. I decorate Christmas trees, I carve pumpkins. I subject worn out muscles and feeble bones to risky wrestling matches on the living room floor.

I am the comforter of hurts. The one called upon to explain why bees fly and why stars shine. I know all the Veggie Tales songs by heart and I’ve mastered children’s literature. I think long and hard how to answer “Is Santa real?” I’ve learned to share all my pop corn and candy bars.

For a while I can conquer any monster. I’m a safe haven from the angry summer storms. I am expected to be able to fix every toy and have a solution to every problem. I’m stronger, and wiser, and bigger and better than any other daddy…at least for now.

Like most other fathers, I endure the heat of the summer and the cold of winters. I labor much longer than forty hours a week. I come home nearly every day exhausted and more weary than words can tell…and yet, the next day I get up and repeat it all over again for no other reason than love.

And I am very aware of my fearsome responsibility. I have sons who watch me. They’ve seen me at my best and at my worst. They’ve seen me as very successful and they’ve observed me fail miserably. They aren’t really too concerned about success or failure, they are more concerned about how I react and handle each of those.

I have a son that talks like me. I have another who walks like me. I have a third who smiles like me. It’s fearful the influence a father has over his children. My greatest calling is to be father to my sons. I’m not a grandfather yet…and I hope I won’t be a grandfather yet…not until my sons realize their greatest calling in life.

 "A Man's children and his garden both reflect the
amount of weeding done during the growing season."

~~Author Unknown.~~

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