Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Umbrella of 'Social Justice'

What is Social Justice?

One might define social justice simply as the "equal protection of the laws for all citizens". But in our present society 'social justice' is a growing monster that takes on a whole new personality. Social justice in America is typically associated with left wing or socialist politics. Those who champion modern social justice believe that the problems of racial minorities and women are caused by injustices within society. Poverty is caused by the greed of capitalism. The planet is on the verge of extinction because of 'global warming'. The poor are insulted when given charity but they have a right to assistance from the government.

Most modern universities have embraced social justice as the core of their curriculum. All disciplines are expected to teach the social justice agenda. Why should a math teacher be asked to teach about environmentalism? Why should a home economics teacher take on the issues of poverty in our society? Our public educational systems are being held hostage to the socialist agenda. The goal is to indoctrinate the younger generation with socialistic ideas. Wouldn't an institution devoted to the expansion of knowledge be willing to present all sides of an issue? When they fail to do that they are indoctrinating, not educating. I teach in a Christian school and I'm very careful to teach my students the theological concepts of Christianity. But, my students also know atheism, pantheism, deism, New Age, etc. I'm confident in sharing with them all of those beliefs because I firmly believe that Christianity can hold its ground, indeed, conquer all of these false beliefs.

Social justice is generally understood to be a set of laws that are appropriated in such a manner as to ensure that all persons, irrespective of ethnic origin, gender race or religion, be treated with equity and justice. This is a noble idea that should be defended by all peoples dedicated to any system of morality. The problem is that this belief of social justice has become an umbrella under which all sorts of groups and individuals gather for protection when they attempt to promote agendas that are contrary to the opinion of the majority. One can almost always be assured that if the argument lacks logic it will find refuge under this umbrella.

It is often detrimental for these groups to express their beliefs in plain terms. The majority of Americans are not going to approve of killing babies (abortion) so they frame their agenda in terms of 'social justice' for the mother. Few Americans are going to approve of homosexuality because most believe it is unscriptural or at least, unnatural, so this group will frame their argument in terms of 'social justice'.

This protective umbrella is huge because of the vast number of groups seeking refuge there. Communists, multiculturalists, radical women's rights groups, Socialists, anti-gun proponents, global warming alarmists, etc. all seek cover. The radical concepts of these groups are unacceptable to most Americans but under the guise of 'social justice' they march on unimpeded. Who is brave enough to take a stand against 'social justice'?

Christians must not be deceived by such strategies. The word of God never changes. Its truth is not culture sensitive. Its truth does not evolve through the ages. Killing babies for the sake of convenience has always been wrong. Homosexuality is still an abominable sin in God's eyes. Stealing from people who have money and redistributing it to those who don't have it is still stealing.

Our government is full of high ranking politicians who have been elected to our highest offices by hiding their radical beliefs under the guise of 'social justice'. We've been hoodwinked and the flag on the tug-of-war rope has lurched far leftward. God has little place at all at any level in our government, Republican or Democrat. But in the camp of the far-left liberals, it seems they are completely void of any understanding of God or of scriptural concepts.

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