Sunday, October 18, 2009

National Road Trip Debt

This video helps us visualize what is happening with the national debt.   If the debt is rocketing out of control how are we going to afford Nationalized Health Care?  How will we afford a continuation of the war in Afghanistan and Iraq?  How will we afford to take care of the millions of baby boomer Americans who are about to go on Social Security and enter retirement and pull on Medicare and Medicaid?  Why are we going on a spending spree when we are bankrupt?  Why are we bailing out auto companies, banks, and other organizations who've found themselves in dire straits because of poor decisions?  Why are we willing to saddle the next generation with such a mountain of debt.  Will our children and grandchildren ever forgive us for ensuring they never achieve the same standard of living as we???

National Debt Road Trip - Watch more Funny Videos

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  1. That's a very real picture of what is happening economically in our country today, yet no one seems to care. The guy in the video had a point about it possiblybeing that way because of the person "driving the car." Very true!!