Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Danger of Interfaithism

Danger of Interfaithism

The religion sweeping through the world today is not Christianity, nor is it Islam or Buddhism or New Age. The prominent religion invading every corner of the earth is the religion of tolerance. Tolerance has been chosen as the tool to replace the grace of God in our attempts to find peace in the world. Rodney King’s voice is still echoing in our minds, “Can’t we all just get along”?

The call for tolerance can be a deceptive attempt to convince people to embrace that which is contrary to the will of God or that which is totally evil. The most divisive figure in all of World History was Jesus Christ himself. His mission was not so much to minister to the saved as it was to convert the sinner. Mat 10:34 “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.” A sword cuts asunder, it divides. Christ’s purpose was to bring ideological division and separate lies from truth. He came to call sinners to repentance.

But in this age we are attempting to marry lies to truth. The Satanic strategy is to utterly destroy truth but if it cannot be destroyed then it can certainly be diluted by falsehoods so as to make it weak and non-effective.

Several years ago the Pope went into a Muslim country and declared his great respect for ‘true’ Muslims. He warned Catholics living in that country not to proselytize out of respect for the Islamic faith! Can you imagine Christ telling his disciples to have great respect for religions that oppose the truth of Christianity and whatever you do, don’t try to convert them. This is an affront to the Great Commission.

The great confusion that the religion of tolerance is reaping can be seen in Ann Holmes Redding of Seattle She is an Episcopal Priest. In 2007 she made an announcement to her church, “I am both Muslim and Christian.” She prays in both religions “to the same person”. She does not believe that Jesus is divine. She does not believe in the trinity.

Ms. Redding believes that Allah and God are one and the same. If this were true, why has there been thousands of years of conflict between Christians and Muslims? Why don’t we all become both Christians and Muslims, worship the same God, and live happily ever after? Artifacts dug up from pre-Islamic times reveal Allah was a moon god, he was married to a sun goddess and the stars were his children. A far cry from the God I worship. The Bible calls Satan the great deceiver. A skilled deceiver he is, to convince millions that the pagan god they worship is one and the same with Jehovah God!

Some measure of tolerance is necessary if we are to live in peace. It is one thing to be tolerant of those who believe differently,. But it’s quite another thing to promote a falsehood by allowing our tolerance to be interpreted as a validation. Christ didn’t do it, nor should we.


  1. I think your correct in the statements that you stated above. It is a hard conversation when people ask you, "Your a christian. Shouldn't you be nice to EVERYONE?" I feel that the people of the world today are just trying to be complacent; unfortunately our president is one of those people also. I think that we will never all get along. There is to much sin and evil in the world. I do think as christians (people abuse that word, so I will say born-again, Bible believing christians) we should be the mediators to our neighbors. We should share our astounding faith and testimony to the people of the world not to create conflict but to disestablish the fear that if we state our beliefs we will be "shunned". We need to remember that we are supposed to strive to be like Jesus Christ, if we want to do that, we are going to have to give up tolerance.

  2. I think we are becoming way too tolerant of not only other religions, but sin around us. I think that we should be bothered more than we are about the sin in the world today. It has become so common that no one thinks twice about stuff anymore.