Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Danger of Indecision

Danger of Indecision

On my way to work this morning I was confronted by a bushy tailed creature standing in the middle of the road. He stopped center lane and looked straight at me and then he took a step to the right, then to the left and finally dashed off to the right again as I slowed to allow him to make up his mind. As I continued down the road I saw two dead squirrels and a banana peel.

The two squirrel carcasses were likely there because of indecisiveness. In a time of crisis it is important to make a decision and go with it. They hesitated and it cost them their lives.

Indecisiveness can destroy, just ask any soldier in a firefight. If he makes the right decision he is spared, if he makes the wrong decision he may still recover but if he is indecisive he will surely perish.

Good men are often eliminated from the ranks of leadership, not because they made good or bad decisions, but because they failed to make a decision. You will be honored for making good decisions, you may be forgiven for making poor decisions, but as Neville Chamberlain (Hitler) and Jimmy Carter (hostages) can attest, you will be rejected for being indecisive.

President Obama has a great challenge to solve innumerable problems. The crisis in the Gulf of Mexico, the faltering economy, the tension between the Koreas and in the Middle East; solutions to these problems are elusive and befuddling. If Obama makes the right decision he will be a hero to the American people, if he makes the wrong decision he may lose elections but perhaps retain his respect but if he is indecisive the American people will cast him on the trash heap of historical failures.

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