Thursday, July 1, 2010

Who Is Barack Obama

Who is Barack Obama?

The answer to that question is complicated. Americans have so much trouble understanding why Barack Obama seems to be so detached, why he lacks patriotism, why he looks with suspicion at our allies, Britain and Israel, and why he chooses to embrace, even bow, to our enemies. Does he love the country he serves? Is he the Christian he claims to be? Why is there so much mystery about his place of birth, his childhood, his college life?

Obama belongs to a movement that seems to have no set nomenclature. It is a movement that promotes global renewal and condemns the 'failures' of capitalism which is often associated with empire. Global renewal will be accomplished by saving the planet's environment. Justice will finally be achieved by purging the courts of conservative thought. Economies will be sustainable by forming an economic system that will serve all areas of the world without bias or political motive. Racial or ethical bias will finally be eliminated by converting the masses to embrace the superior dogma of diversity. In the past those who have become quite fanatical about global political transformation have been called fascists, totalitarians, communists, etc. The modern movement toward global 'purity' isn't replacing those systems of thought, it has evolved from them.

What makes President Obama a dangerous president is that this group believes that any action can be deemed morally right depending on the consequences of that action. He aptly demonstrated this "end justifies the means" approach as a community organizer who felt comfortable using "Chicago politics" to purify the community from the evils of capitalism. If he must declare off-shore drilling illegal to save the marine environment he will make that declaration with messianic conviction even though it may destroy the families of thousands who have built their livelihood on the oil and fishing industries in the coastal areas. The war must be won though some must perish along the way!

Barack considers himself to be a citizen of the world before he is a citizen of the United States. The global purification movement is an international movement. Their mission to save the environment, defend illegal immigrants and control pollutants crosses all borders. Their ultimate goal is to transform this messed up, nasty world created by the capitalists and replace it with their own utopian paradise and they pursue this mission with religious zeal. To complete the mission humanity must be reinvented.

Governments cannot be used to promote this ideology because most are associated with an unacceptable ideology in their past or they have participated in capitalistic aggression which disqualifies them as change agents. Therefore, NGO's (non-government organizations) are used to organize events and develop policy for the movement. Why would Obama embrace an anti-American leader like Hugo Chavez? because they embrace the same ideology. Their mission is to destroy the evils of capitalism and replace it with their own utopian dream.

Why so much hatred for the United States and Israel? because they have become the hated icons of capitalism and empire. They are the bulls in the china shop that destroy everything in their paths. These 'purists' are so steeped in their ideology and so narrow in their focus that they have only deaf ears for the proponent who comes to the defense of capitalism.

Where did Obama learn such things? I suppose sitting at the feet of his liberal relatives and associates and at Columbia University and I suppose that’s why there is no written record of papers written by him.

I like Jarvis DeBerry's phrase: "Oily words can't hide the sticky truth." Obama's reveals who he really is by his actions as he governs and they don't jive with the 'oily words' of his campaign.

Recommended reading: "Purifying the World: What the New Radical Ideology Stands For" by Ernest Sternberg, teacher at the University of Buffalo.

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