Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cutting our Throats with the Blade of Political Correctness

Cutting our throats with the blade of Political Correctness

My brother and I were discussing the election of President Obama and we were searching for an answer as to why his ratings are so low. 42% of Americans strongly disapprove of his performance while 25% of Americans strongly approve. It was the 25% figure that had us so perplexed.

President Obama seems to have no solution to the economy. The clouds on the horizon of the economic front are darker than ever. He has bashed BP for the oil crisis in the gulf, perhaps with some justification, but threatening litigation before even visiting the scene of the crime or offering any alternatives to BP’s failures seems impetuous and juvenile.

President Obama’s foreign policy in a nutshell seems to go along the lines of something like this, “embrace our former enemies and kick our former friends.” This hints of an astounding naiveness that endangers Americans. Israel has always been able to depend on the friendship of at least one nation but not any longer. North Korea is brazen in their defiance as they bully the South Koreans. Palestinian activists who resist Israel are emboldened by what they perceive as support from the sitting president.

There is wafting from the Obama administration the stench of political corruption. Andrew Romanoff of Colorado and Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania have voiced accusations of job offers in return for concessions to opposing candidates. 42% of Americans strongly disapprove of Obama’s presidency because he promised change but he seems dedicated to importing Chicago style politics to Washington and that’s not the type of change he was selling. Many are waking up to the fact they’ve been sold a bill of goods.

Obama unwisely sacrificed the state of Arizona on the altar of appeasement. In order to satisfy our southern neighbors he sacrificed his own people. Americans are very disturbed to see hard-working American citizens stepped on while the red carpet is unfurled for more and more illegal immigrants and the laws of our land are trampled by government officials more interested in winning the next election than defending the constitutional rights of American citizens.

Terrorists disguised as ‘peace activists’ board flotillas bound for Gaza and chant, “we will enter Gaza or die as martyrs” and President Obama has no sympathy at all for a nation attempting to protect itself from weapons being smuggled into the area. Iran fights Israel through a proxy army called Hezbollah. At some point Obama will have to declare loyalty to Israel or to Iran but neutrality will not be an option.

Is Obama still on the learning curve? These issues demand immediate response and afford little time for someone learning on the job. Can it be that we have an administration excellent in the area of campaigning but incompetent in the realm of governing? It’s all unraveling quickly and Americans are waiting for Obama to keep his promise and reveal himself as the ‘great unifier’.

So why does every fourth American blindly support this administration? Is it because they are not paying attention? The political and economic health of our country is very low on their priority list. It falls far below the winner of American Idol and Dancing with the Stars.

Frank Furedi is the author of “Where Have All The Intellectuals Gone.” Furedi observes a time in the past when people were more involved. “When people want to be included they don't wait for an invitation; they kick the door down, they demand to be let in …something very different is happening today,” says Furedi. “people are being included for the sake of inclusion, rather than for anything worthwhile. It is the act of inclusion that matters…”

For many, the most important thing about President Obama is not the substance of his beliefs or his character, it’s the act of a nation satisfying its desire for inclusion. Can we now expect a succession of presidents who are elected because of certain physical or gender traits rather than what Martin Luther King saw as something much more important…”the content of their character”?

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