Wednesday, June 2, 2010

When Friends Walk Away

Israel is about the size of New Jersey. It’s so small it reminds me of a mouse (Israel) surrounded by huge elephants (Iran, Turkey, Iraq, etc.) So, why is such a mite of a country so hated and despised by so many bullies? Do they feel threatened? Has Israel been aggressive in trying to conquer neighboring lands? It would seem that a country with a “leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone” attitude would simply be ignored. But, not so. This small, non-aggressive nation is hated passionately by its neighbors.

Is the hatred caused by political differences? Are those countries threatened by Israel’s democratic views? Israel, unlike its stronger western ally, has not tried to export democracy to its theocratic neighbors. Are the neighbors of Israel lusting after an overabundance of natural resources? Seems Israel is the only one in the neighborhood who doesn’t benefit from an overabundance of oil.

Is the hatred cause by differing ideologies in religion? Perhaps the real hatred has historical roots that go much deeper than most people care to consider. Is the continuous friction between Israel and its neighbors simply a continuation of a family feud that began between the two sons of Abraham? Time seems to eventually heal all family wounds but not this one. This family feud is perpetual and everlasting. All of our former presidents, especially Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton wanted desperately to find a solution to the problem of peace in the Middle East but all have been unsuccessful.

Now, after the provocateurs of Israel, disguised as a flotilla conducting a human rights mission, had two clear objectives: they were determined to break the Israeli naval blockade even if it meant martyrdom and they were determined to create a public relations nightmare for Israel if they attempted to stop them. It has been quickly discovered that many of the participants were members of terrorist organizations from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Kuwait, etc. As the facts are slowly revealed I believe that Israel will be able to build a case for vindicating their actions. One of the organizers of the ‘humanitarian mission’ was more honest about the true intent of the mission, “"this mission is not about delivering humanitarian supplies, it's about breaking Israel's siege."

Why are so many nations piling on? Is it because, unlike Jimmy Carter who was more timid and passive in his opposition to Israel, we now have a president who is blatantly anti-Israel and carefully pro-Islam? His failure to offer open support to Israel has emboldened the enemies of Israel and created increased instability in the Middle East. Obama would come closer to bringing peace to the area if he embraced the policy of Ronald Reagan who believed that the road to peace was better achieved by “carrying a bigger stick than your enemy.”

I am astonished that North Korea can blow a South Korean vessel to bits and no one seems to notice. Israel demonstrates its determination to protect itself from enemies who have voiced their determination to utterly destroy them and they get buried by an avalanche of opposition. How must it feel to stand alone against the U.N. and the world? Even your best friend since your inception as a nation now seems to be deserting you.

Obama has demonstrated incompetence in multiple areas. He has no solution to the economic crisis that is bringing massive unemployment and discomfort to the American masses. It has been six weeks since the oil disaster began in the Gulf of Mexico and our Juvenile in Chief can only point fingers as BP while offering no suggestions for a solution to the problem. I’m not sure the aggression of North Korea is even on his radar. Obama’s Muslim friends throughout the world hate Israel but here is a memo Obama needs to read, “There are millions and millions of Christian Americans who love Israel and will remain loyal to her belief that she has a right to exist as a nation!” Our president is thinking poorly if he thinks it’s more beneficial for him to make friends with those who hate us rather than make friends with his own constituents.

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