Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Enemy of my Friend is my Friend.

I'm not sure I get it. Can someone help me? Obama was asked if he thought PM Netanyahu would try to launch an unilateral attack on Iran without consulting Obama. Obama said he felt that the relationship was strong enough between Israel and the United States that that scenario would never happen. He went on to say, "the truth of the matter is that my outreach to the Muslim community is designed precisely to reduce the antagonism and the dangers posed by a hostile Muslim world to Israel". So, the way to secure friends is to reach out to the enemies of our friends. For some reason I think there must be a cadre of terrorists huddled in some Afganistani cave laughing themselves silly.

Too bad our previous leaders didn't catch on to this crafty piece of diplomacy. George Washington could have avoided the Revolutionary War had he had tea with King George III. FDR could have ended WWII had he shared a cigar with Hitler and if George W. Bush had invited Osama bin Laden to his ranch for a BBQ we could have avoided the war in Iraq.

In what ways does Mr. Obama believe his "outreach to the Muslim community" will bring peace between Israel and their enemies? He said that the Israelis don't trust him because his middle name is Hussein. Does he think his middle name conjures unlimited affection from the Muslim world because he shares a common name with them? Is he so out of touch with reality that he has no clue that terrorists interpret his groveling as weakness rather than benevolence?

Radical Islamic terrorists believe that the pathway to holiness and eternal reward is to stick a knife in the throat of any infidel who refuses to convert to the Islamic way. It is much easier to slide the knife into one who is determined to placate and appease. Morale among those who hate us must be sky high as they have come to realize there is no warrior in our White House. Obama has sent them reason to believe he is weak by revealing his indecisiveness regarding our strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has shown he has no heart for winning this war by announcing to our enemies the date he will withdraw our troops. What message does that send our troops? What does that do to their morale? Its not about winning the war, its about withdrawing so as to score political points in the polls before elections take place! Disgusting!

I hope Obama finds a big stick soon. If not, then get out of the way and let someone lead us who will settle for nothing short of victory.

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