Monday, January 4, 2010

Mad Rush Over The Cliff

Mad Rush Over The Cliff

Thanks to a Nigerian named Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Transportation Security Administration has advanced to the next level of stupid. Who wouldn’t be in favor of more screening and extra measures to ensure the safety of innocent Americans? But the TSA is just too chicken to call a spade a spade. Because we are so gutlessly fearful of offending anyone who might be Islamic, we refuse to racially profile. But, last time I checked, every single terrorist attack in recent history was committed by a male between the ages of 20 and 45 who embraced the Islamic religion.

So, why are we so foolish as to adhere to the policies of political correctness, diversity and multi-culturalism while the terrorists blow us to pieces? Is this insane? We will ignore someone going through airport security if they look like a terrorist but we’ll pull every tenth individual even if they are 99 years old and so frail they couldn’t pull the trigger on a water gun!

If you’ve traveled much by air you’ve witnessed this scenario. A very frail, 88 year old woman sets off a metal detector. A very patient husband who has been pushing her about in a wheel chair because she has recently had hip surgery patiently stands by. The pins inserted in her hip prompted the detector to go off. She is taken to a back room. She is frisked thoroughly. She is wand waved several times. She hands her inspectors a hand written note from her doctor explaining the surgery but to no avail. Her husband has no angry words because this seems to happen all the time. Meanwhile, the man next in line, who has a Yemeni passport receives smiles as he passes through the detector unquestioned.

Why do we insist on harassing innocent American citizens but we cater to foreigners? Are we wimps? Are we gutless? Are we afraid of offending someone? We would rather put hundreds of innocents at risk than break the politically correct code of racial profiling. There are certainly some situations where racial profiling is hurtful and even despicable but if it will save hundreds of innocent lives it seems pretty sensible.

Whom do the radical Islamic terrorists hate more than Americans? They hate the Jews. The Jewish airline, El Al, has a superb record when it comes to foiling terrorist attempts. Why? Because they racially profile the living daylights out of any suspicious looking individual boarding one of their passenger jets. Common sense (Israel) verses just plain dumb (TSA)

Why are we so petrified to identify the enemy? Why do we insist that the shooter at Fort Hood acted independently? The media would like us to believe he was just a lone wolf who probably snapped. Are we to believe that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was acting alone? Are we to believe Sirhan Sirhan acted alone in the assassination of Robert Kennedy? Are we to believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assassination of JFK? Did James Earl Ray act alone in the assassination of Martin Luther King? I have difficulty in believing that all those men acted alone.

We are afraid to identify our enemy. Barack Obama is constantly defending Islam and reminding us that it is a peaceful, non-violent religion. Although the majority are peaceful, their faith has been hijacked by radicals. Most Germans were peace loving but they stood by passively while the radical Hitler took them over. The same can be said of the revolutions in Cambodia, China and Russia. Those who passively refuse to oppose the evil sins of the extremists within their own religion or country will certainly suffer the consequences of sitting back and doing nothing.

It’s not surprising that extremists are attacking us in the name of Islam. More troubling is that the peace loving majority silently, very silently, refuses to resist or interfere.

Policies of TSA remind me of those old cowboy movies I used to watch. A huge herd of cattle panic when the storm comes and they head straight over the cliff. It seems we will follow this politically correct cattle rush to our death. Sadly and stupidly.

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  1. I again express the opinion of racial profiling to be a radical way of finding things wrong. While I dont believe in the random screening either. They need to screen everyone just as much as everyone else. It takes alot of time but people WILL NOT CARE if its for their safety! Racial profiling is a hurtful, degrading process which is truly dispicable. Just because someone is a yemenite doesnt mean they are going to bomb a plane. Also, someone who is of old age could be just as responsible. They might not willingly be apart of the plan but (a terrorist) they could have snuck something into their bag (Thats why they say not to leave your bags unattended at the airport) they say that becuase it has happened before, therefore making the caution legitimate. I think the reason why we dont racial profile and israel does is because (no offense to israeli)is because they do not have a constitution or rights that defend minorities or discrepensies as these. I just personally feel that racial profiling while proven affective is wrong, unreservedly and irrevocably wrong.