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Looking Back (2009)

Looking Back (2009)

1. We elected our first African-American president. He started out with quite a bang but the novelty of it all has pretty much worn off. He clearly intends to use his office as a bully pulpit for socialism and he strongly promotes the religion of Islam. Though he claims to be a Christian he certainly doesn’t demonstrate any loyalty at all to Christ, the church or to Christians in general.

Earlier in 2009 Barack Obama not only didn’t participate in our National Day of Prayer he wasn’t even present but he was strongly visible when a day was set aside to honor Islam.

We saw the largest increase in government spending since….George W. Bush. Bush spent 20% of the gross domestic product for the federal budget. Obama is spending 25%. Bush was actually far more of a practicing socialist than Bill Clinton!

2. We experienced a great recession. We witnessed a great trend of bank failures. The government made an unprecedented grab for control of American businesses and seemed determined to put as many people as possible on the dole. Cash for Clunkers was a perfect example of governmental incompetence. Millions sold their old car for several thousand dollars and subsequently went in debt for a new car. If the plan was to imprison more Americans to indebtedness then it was masterful.

3. People sought escape. Charles Darrow became a multi-millionaire by inventing a very popular game during the Great Depression. People sought desperately to escape the pain of poverty by playing a game in which they could fantasize they were rich. Monopoly is still very popular. The box office did a smashing business in 2009. Americans escaped reality by going to the movies. It reminds one of the ‘bread and games’ strategy of the Roman government. Keep the masses content by feeding them and entertaining them.

Some believe Hollywood is only about entertainment and money and they don’t really promote any type of social or cultural agenda. If this were true, then why is it that Americans proved they have a greater appetite for ‘G’ movies by attending more ‘G’ rated movies than those of any other rating but Hollywood still continues to produce far more ‘R’ rated movies than ‘G’ rated movies. Wouldn’t it be good for business to produce what your clientele are asking for?

4. Sarah Palin resigned as governor of Alaska and presented herself as the great hope of conservatism. I’ve got her book lying on my desk right here in front of me. I haven’t read it yet but it’s next on my list. I’m not sold on Sarah yet, especially after learning that before she resigned as governor she appointed a far-left, radical feminist, pro-abortion advocate to Alaska’s Supreme Court. That seems to contradict everything Sarah wants us to think she stands for. Maybe there’s a good explanation. It’s one of the questions I’m going to be listening for if she runs for president. The Republicans are not our saviors. I’m feeling less and less Republican and more and more …I don’t know what. Relativism is a cancer infecting both Republicans and Democrats.

5. Facebook and Twitter really exploded in 2009. Facebook grew at a rate of 1300%. I just answered another friend request today which puts me at 685 friends. If Facebook is what friendship is all about then friendship has become a very, very shallow thng. Wouldn’t it be better to call them contacts or connections, not friends? Some of my 685 friends I’ve never spoken to. Facebook encourages less and less face to face interaction and more and more isolation. It’s very convenient for making connections with old classmates but it’s not going to help you create deep, lasting, sincere, committed friendships.

I’m still not sure what it means to be poked. I surely don’t care who has just made another cup of coffee and I don’t get into fantasy farming. I’m not anti-facebook but I certainly do recognize that much of it is banal.

6. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of American (ELCA) met to approve homosexuals as ministers in their church. Unbelievably, a tornado struck the very church they were meeting in ripping off the steeple. Was God sending a message? It could be a point for debate. A few years ago homosexuals met in New Orleans for a sexfest and a hurricane wiped out the city. Judgment of God or coincidence?

7. 2009 wasn’t a good year for our celebrity gods. Tiger Woods came crashing down. The great power politician of the northeast, Ted Kennedy, passed as did one of the most popular pop culture icons, Michael Jackson. It is delusional to think of these social icons as being immortal, they are not. It was a bad year for Al Gore. The ‘global warming’ scare lost credibility and renamed itself ‘climate change’.

It seems very evident that our culture is in severe decline. But there are some positive and encouraging signs. Christians are lifting their voices and becoming more proactive in regard to redefining marriage, humanism in education, sexual filth in entertainment and corruption in government. I sense a stronger awareness and deeper hunger for the one and true God.

For those who aren’t Christians I can only suggest Jesus Christ. Without Him it’s depressing and discouraging and desperate. But for those who are Christians the future looks brighter than ever. Resolve to give yourselves a daily dose of assurance of the sovereignty of Almighty God. He was, is and always will be in control of all things. Be hopeful!

Credit: Kevin Swanson of Generations Radio.

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