Friday, January 15, 2010

A Father's Love for His Son

This is a great inspirational father of a father's love for his 'able' son.  There are fornunate to have each other.  As a Christian, Patrick will one day be restored when he gets to heaven.  In all the eternity that will follow, the father will not regret for one moment all the effort he invested in his relationship with his son.  I can't help but make a comparison, when we are restored in heaven, our Father will not regret for one moment sacrificing his son to purchase the love relationship with him that will last forever and ever!!


  1. There are many stories kind of like this but they all mean so much, I love to hear them.Always puts a smile on my face.

  2. This was truly an amazing story. It really makes you put a perspective on your own life. It bring the realization to you that what is there really to complain about? The fact that he understood that it was God's purpose and how he handles his handicapped abilities brought a joy to my soul. I hope God continues to bless him as he moves through the rest of his life.