Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Should I See Avatar?

Should I see Avatar?

I've not yet seen Avatar. It now costs an outrageous $30 plus to take my wife to see a movie so I don't want to waste money on a movie that promotes a worldview contrary to my own. I need to have some questions answered before seeing Avatar:

1. This movie was produced by a leftist liberal. Is he using this film to promote his Marxist ideas?

2. I agree with Aristotle who wrote that good entertainment contains first and foremost a good, intelligent plot followed by character, dialogue, idea and music. Last on the list is spectacle or sensationalism. Special affects in our world. Is this another movie to show off special affects while covering for a weak minded plot?

3. Are all of the Na'vis played by African-Americans and Native Americans? If so, what is the subliminal message behind that?

4. The surviving humans represent the oppressive, evil, white, capitalists who are destructive, conniving and greedy. The strange humanoids are always happy,they've experienced an "at oneness" with nature and are honorable and spiritual. Why would I want to see a movie that portrays 90% of Americans as greedy and evil?

5. Why is it that the strange humanoids are bright blue and look like cats? Strange. If you wear camouflaged you get hit, if you are bright blue they can't seem to hit you if they were firing ICBM's from the shoulder!

6. Liberals think poorly. They actually think that guns kill people and if we eliminate all guns people won’t get killed. They think SUV’s kill people. They always want to blame an object instead of an entity. So, people are evil and they will eventually, because of their capitalistic greed, destroy the earth. What to do? Eliminate guns, eliminate SUV’s and when all else fails, eliminate people. Isn’t the theme of Avatar “kill all the humans”?

If only the liberal mind could see how marvelously the human being can be transformed by the sacrificial blood of Jesus Christ? Humans are ugly, greedy, evil people. But the solution isn’t to kill them all. The solution is to convert them to Christlikeness.

7. Isn’t Avatar New Age stuff?

8. Isn’t the producer suggesting we love nature and hate people?

9. Isn’t paganism and Marxism promoted while Christianity and capitalism are condemned?

10. Near the end of the film, Jake can only become whole by destroying the humans by sending them back to their dead planet and then leaving his human body and entering a Na’vi body. Would this movie fly if we switched races around?

11. This film seems to be full of Mother earth, Gaia stuff. Did Al Gore have any part in writing the script?

Unless someone out there can convince me, I don’t think it’s worth $30.

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