Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fifty Years After Obamacare

Fifty Years After Obamacare.
Molly is a nurse in the Harry Reid Abortion Clinic in Reno, Nevada. This clinic, like millions all across America, was built with government funds raised by the passing of the Healthcare Bill of 2010. Molly’s job is to assist the numerous doctors there as they scrape life from the wombs of their customers. Life has never been better for abortion doctors. The cost of abortions has tripled in the last twenty years as American’s now contribute a good portion of their earnings to fund such procedures. Molly spends her days carrying the mutilated remains of unborn life to an incinerator where they are cremated. Those who pass by the clinic see a plume of smoke drift skyward every twenty minutes. The scene is repeated at numerous other clinics across the nation: the Pelosi clinic in San Diego, the Obama clinic in Chicago, the Murtha clinic in Philadelphia and the Dodd clinic in Bristol, Connecticut.
It is most difficult now for the unborn to survive. Very few make it out of the womb. It is estimated that those who build their own life by murdering the innocent have successfully aborted 120 million unborn babies since Roe vs. Wade in 1973 and about 80 million more since the passage of the Obama Health Care Bill in 2010. Those who predicted that white Americans of European descent would be the minority by 2050 were proven wrong. They failed to take into consideration the increase in the number of publicly funded abortions, especially in the inner cities of America where there is a large number of minority families. African-Americans now only account for 8% of the U.S. population and Hispanics have dropped from 13% to 10%. It is very hard to acquire well guarded statistics from the government but it seems that Margaret Sanger’s dream of limiting minority growth in the U.S. has finally come true.
Jeremy and Emily live in Hannibal, Missouri. They worked the family farm until they retired in 2047. This elderly couple enjoyed rearing five children on the farm. The boys put up hay, harvested crops and went on hunting and fishing trips with their father. The daughters helped as well in the many outdoor chores and also acquired baking and sewing skills from their mother. Their children all grew and went off to big city colleges and became very successful. They married ambitious spouses and focused on realizing the great American dream of acquiring great wealth. One of Jeremy and Emily’s sons returned home to live with his parents. He is now 43 and still single but lives a comfortable life. The other four children all married but none have had any children. Jeremy and Emily will never know that their four children shared eight abortions. Their dream of having a passel of grandchildren to gloat over in their older years will never be realized. Their children will live in huge, 5,000 square feet homes in which the voices of small children will never echo off the walls.
American society is old. There is an abiding emptiness that covers the land. Most can’t really put their finger on why they feel so dark and depressed. They didn’t realize how much the elderly need to hear young voices and feel the exuberant energy of youth. Elementary school buildings are now multi-purpose community buildings. Little league fields are overgrown with weeds. Nurseries and Daycare buildings are boarded up. It’s a rare treat indeed to hear the laughter of young children playing together.

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