Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ivy League Grad Should Know Better

Ivy League Grad Should Know Better

Mr. Obama's acceptance speech for his Nobel Peace Prize included praises for a couple of previous presidents on the other side of the aisle, Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon. He offered a justification for the War in Afghanistan although, it was a bit awkward to hear a war president defend war while accepting a prize for peace. Seems the world really has gone mad!

As a history teacher, I'm always on alert for those who would revise history to promote their own agenda. I'm wondering if Obama learned his history from Occidental, Columbia University or perhaps Harvard? Here is a quote from his speech: "Most dangerously, we see it in the way that religion is used to justify the murder of innocents by those who have distorted and defiled the great religion of Islam, and who attacked my country from Afghanistan. These extremists are not the first to kill in the name of God; the cruelties of the Crusades are amply recorded." Do I interpret this correctly? Obama's war in Afghanistan is justified but the Christian's war against Muslim oppressors was not?

Obama insinuates that the Crusaders attacked the Muslims without provocation. Revisionist historians would like us to believe that the Crusades were all about plunder and forced conversions to Christianity. Some plunder is acceptable for the spoils of war go to the victor. But is astoundingly ignorant to insinuate forced conversions. Forced conversion is a concept incompatible with Christianity. I've never heard any Christian declare that he was forced to accept Christ as his Savior!

The Crusades were as just as any war ever fought! Each crusade was a reaction to an attack against Christians by Muslims. The first crusade in 1095 was a reaction to the Turkish invasion of a dominantly Christian Asia Minor. In 1144 the Muslims conquered Edessa and the second crusade was a response to that invasion. In 1187 the Muslims descended on Jerusalem and Christians from throughout Europe traveled to the Holy City to defend it from Islamic invasion and occupation.

Jihadists were marching through Spain in an attempt to conquer all of Europe in the 8th century when they were met by The Hammer, Charles Martel, in one of the most culturally significant battles in all of history. The Christian victory in the Battle of Tours preserved Christianity in Europe. Had the Muslims conquered Europe we would never have enjoyed the liberties we value so dearly; freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, freedom to worship and equality of genders

It's disturbing that a U.S. president, a Harvard graduate, would be so ignorant in his interpretation of history. It's especially disturbing that he be so willing to besmirch his own faith, Christianity, in defense of a religion that teaches that violence and deception are virtues.

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  1. When Obama falls in 2010, we should go through the grant-grubbing Ivy Leagues that produce commie-nutty organizers with a flame thrower! Ivy League universities are not good at getting students jobs, only grants to be commie nutty organizers. If you are liberal, anything you do is inherently ethical for the cause, but if you are a conservative, and believe in GOD, family or business, your very moral fiber, even down to trivial autonomic responses, is subject to persecution as either dangerously criminal or the result of clinical illness. Bush 43 had two Ivy degrees and they treated him as stupid because he was conservative even though he had better grades and entrance scores and took a lot tougher courses than Gore. Professors are the ultimate molestor high priests because they extort and control your transcripts and your grants if you turn them in. Like a cult, they will make your children denounce you and everything you stand for as unworthy. The lowest level university bureaucrats actually suffer the worst affectations and are likey to be the most vicious persecutors of your children. No business ever trusts such left wing graduates who don't believe in capitalism and become crooks because they are taught the only way business makes money is crooked so they seek to avenge their unemployability through their own crookedness. The universities consider real jobs and competition beneath them, so they want their little sissies to live off grants, even in the hard sciences or business. How many of their engineering professors have Professional Engineering certification? Almost none! They love foreign students because they slave up and don't expect professors to actually work for the tuition, like American students do. No middle class parent should consider sending their kids there, because these schools will destroy your entire family. The only schools that understand middle-class values are for-profits. Middle class parents foolish enough to buy into the Ivy League dream die way too young.